Switzerland Squad

Switzerland squad for World Cup 2018 must be very good if they’re considered to be the 6th best team in the world according to FIFA ranking. However, they don’t really have as many world-class players as most other top teams on the list.

Switzerland Squad Football — World Cup 2018

Switzerland did play a very impressive game in qualification, winning all but one match against Portugal. They did win against them once too, though, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see Switzerland go really far.

This is all due to the player line-up as some of their most successful footballers in the recent years have really proven that they can do well in 2018 World Cup.

Vladimir Petkovic from Bosnia manages Switzerland national football team ever since the previous World Cup ended. This is his debut on the World Cup stage, but he has coached several football clubs including Lazio before and has four years’ experience as a national team coach.

Switzerland was among the last to announce their preliminary starting squad, but today it looks strong enough to go far in the tournament.

Petkovic brings a couple dozen players into World Cup 2018 and the team has some really amazing footballers to take it far under the leadership of their Bosnian coach.