Today, we’re going to let you in on the Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 odds.

With the World Cup taking place in Russia next month, it’s high time you all chose which would be the best team for you to support. For betting purposes, it would be very foolish to assume you can just bet on England winning the World Cup. It’s better if you bet on multiple teams. Trust us, it doesn’t mean you hate England if you do.

If you want another team to support, why not Switzerland? Their odds may not be great but they certainly could be a good team to bet on. How you ask? Well, there are more ways to bet on a team than just by winning. If you’re still don’t believe us, we’ve put together all the right odds on a Switzerland World Cup victory.

Conversely, Switzerland could make some unbelievable progress and prove us all wrong by progressing far into the competition. It’s not that they’re a bad team; it’s more the fact that the competition is so stiff that it will take a miracle for them to pull through. And that may will happen!

In any case, here’s how best to take on all the odds Switzerland World Cup 2018 outcome.

Switzerland at World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

Switzerland did fairly well during the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, succeeding to progress into the World Cup among plenty of other European nations (as was expected). With so many competitive nations to go up against, Switzerland has to prove itself.

Here are all the European teams to play alongside Switzerland:

  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxemburg
  • Germany
  • Croatia

Extremely tight competition indeed. In this list, you have France, Germany and Italy, all of whom are very good teams who have or have come close to winning the World Cup several times in the past. Switzerland may get further than England but that is very doubtful considering who they’re up against

Looking at their past performances, however, Switzerland has done fairly well in previous matches that had nothing to do with the World Cup. Being a European team, they tend to have the edge over other teams because Football is such a regular past time on the continent. That isn’t to say they have a strong chance at winning, though.

TL; DR — Switzerland performed okay in the qualifiers, but it seems unlikely they’ll progress into the next round.

Odds on Switzerland vs Brazil Match

Switzerland’s first match will be against Brazil. From that sentence alone, you can tell that their chances are slim. The match will take place on 17th June and, no matter what angle you look at it, it’s likely Brazil will flatten the Swiss. This heavily counts against the odds for Switzerland to win World Cup 2018.

That isn’t to say Switzerland are a rubbish team. Everybody knows the Brazilians live and breathe football. It would be naïve to suggest that they have much of a chance. It would take a small miracle for Switzerland to bear them.

Here are the best odds of Switzerland winning against Brazil. Be warned, it’s not pretty:

  • Switzerland — 10%
  • Draw — 19%
  • Brazil — 71%

The best that Switzerland can hope for in this scenario is a draw. The likelihood for strong World Cup 2018 odds are pretty much zero. Again, it would be naively optimistic to suggest that they could pull out all the stops and beat Brazil.

As we mentioned, Brazil are just too good. It’s almost unfair anyone going up against them. Still, if you really believe Switzerland have a chance and will defy the odds, by all means bet on them winning. Just don’t be surprised when you lose all your cash.

TL;DR — Switzerland will likely be flattened by Brazil. Odds Switzerland win World Cup 2018 may are marginal at best.

Odds on Switzerland Winning 2018 World Cup

By now, you may have gathered the odds on Switzerland winning World Cup 2018 are not that great. While Switzerland is a good team in general, it is unlikely they’d even go to the next round. Still, they might make a good runner-up in the play-offs.

If you’re still unconvinced, have a look at the odds of Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 for yourself:

  • Sky Bet — 100/1
  • Oddschecker — 100/1
  • Bwin — 100/1

There you have it. Switzerland to win the World Cup seems but a fool’s dream. Going on those odds alone should convince anyone betting on them to win is a rash decision as it is most likely to result in losing it all. Then again, anything could happen so it’s best to keep an open mind, just not in the face of such odds.

Again, we’d like to make it clear that we have nothing against the Swiss or Switzerland as a team. Their chances of winning the World Cup are extremely low, to the point where some people might wonder what the point of betting on them is at all. Don’t want to lure bettors into something they can’t win.

TL;DR — Betting odds Switzerland to win World Cup 2018 are not the best. You’re better off betting from a different angle.

Other Possible Bets

Seeing as the odds are against Switzerland, the best way to bet for them would be on other things besides from them winning a match. After all, not all bets have to be placed on wins. If they did, it would be very boring, and everyone would lose all the time, especially if they bet on Switzerland World Cup 2018 odds.

For instance, why not try betting on Switzerland scoring the first goal of their match against Brazil? It’s unlikely but it could still happen, regardless if they actually win or not. You can even bet on an own goal or an offside, though that would hardly be of World Cup quality if that happened. No amount of World Cup 2018 Switzerland fixtures in the world could override that.

To sum up then, betting odds for Switzerland to win the World Cup are a no-go at this point. We doubt they’d even make it into the next round. With that. There is our take on the odds on Switzerland to win World Cup 2018.