Sweden is one of the veterans of the World Cup. They have played in more than half of them and were very close to winning at least four times, so the odds Sweden World Cup 2018 are far from small.

However, the majority of their most impressive performances belong to the very first tournaments. They’ve done their best in the first five World Cups, reaching the 4th, 3rd and 2nd places consecutively.

After that, other teams took more spotlight and Sweden was left behind a little bit. They did manage to reach the 3rd place again in 1994. But other than that, they never went past the group of 16.

Will the odds on Sweden winning World Cup 2018 get higher than the last time? That’s what we pondered upon too and will try to answer this question as best as we can.

Sweden World Cup History

As we already mentioned, Sweden has gone to the finals and semi-finals before, but they have never won. It’s almost like a curse that stops the team from taking that final step to victory.

Due to this history, many joke that odds on Sweden to win World Cup 2018 are very small. What’s funny is that they actually aren’t high, but there are some good reasons for it.

For one thing, their performance in the qualifiers wasn’t perfect. Yes, they did manage to win against France once and conclude one match against the Netherlands in a draw, essentially pushing the team out of the tournament.

However, they also lost to Bulgaria, which makes Sweden World Cup 2018 odds drop a little. Anyway, they finished their group second, just below France, and advanced to the next round where they won against Italy from the underdog position, eliminating them from the tournament as well.

Pushing their way through the world-class teams like that may sound like a big win, but it’s questionable whether that will be enough against teams like Germany and Mexico.

It’s precisely their current position in the tournament table that raises some doubts about odds on Sweden winning 2018 World Cup.

Sweden World Cup Winners Odds

If you checked Sweden to win World Cup 2018 odds at sports betting sites, you’d get something along the line of 150/1. Those are not the most impressive odds we’ve seen, to say the least.

Advancing into the group of 16 is going to be a challenge enough for starters. Pitched against teams like Germany, Mexico and South Korea in group F, Sweden may not even advance.

Luckily, their first match will probably be the easiest one — against South Korea. This will give them a chance to get their feet wet before taking on the current champions.

However, even if they end up second in their group, the next opponent is probably going to be Brazil. Which means not only that odds Sweden win World Cup 2018 will drop, their odds to reach the quarter-finals will seriously drop as well.

Maybe Sweden is truly cursed to stay in the group of 16 or below ever since 1958 (with the exception of 1998).

Betting Odds Sweden World Cup

Aside from the betting odds Sweden to win World Cup 2018, you can place other bets related to the team.

For example, you can bet on the individual matches of Sweden. Betting on them in the match against South Korea should yield at least as much as you wager. Check World Cup 2018 Sweden Fixtures to see when Sweden is going to play exactly and with whom.

Alternatively, you can try these bets and odds:

  • Sweden to win their group: 8/1
  • Sweden to advance from their group: 10/11 or evens
  • Sweden to reach quarter-finals: 6/1

Sweden Matches in World Cup 2018

Germany – Sweden

Sweden – South Korea

Mexico – Sweden

Sweden has eliminated several powerful teams to get to the tournament, but that didn’t make the odds for Sweden to win World Cup 2018 much higher as they’ll have to face some very strong opponents early on.