If you’re supporting England in the 2018 World Cup, chances are that you’re already thinking about selecting a ‘second team’ too. Our national pride means that we always support our own team whole-heartedly, but years of World Cup failures have meant that we’ve grown accustomed to having to support a different nation when we’re inevitably booted out of the tournament.

Spain, on the whole, is a good second team to pick. Not only do they boast their own exhilarating league, filled with some of the best teams in the world, but they’re also great at producing home-grown talents for their national team.

Moreover, La Roja also bagged themselves a victory in the 2010 competition, so the odds on Spain winning World Cup 2018 definitely have some value too.

Spain in the World Cup 2018 So Far

Spain’s 2018 World Cup journey is already looking promising. They performed excellently in the qualifying rounds, winning nine out of the ten matches they played. This meant that they sailed straight through to the group stages, almost unchallenged.

This shouldn’t however, come as a surprise as the Spanish national team is full of star players. Forwards such as Diego Costa and David Silva are sure to bag the team a few goals, whilst Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba are generally considered some of the best defenders in the world.

Could a strong 23 man team help Spain go all the way this year? The odds on Spain to win World Cup 2018 are looking very appealing.

A Brief History of Spain’s World Cup Performances

The World Cup 2018 will be the fourteenth time that Spain have participated in the international competition, and therefore it can be hard to not take the Spain World Cup 2018 odds for granted.

However, the team’s recent history in the competition tells another story. Whilst Spain did rise to victory in the 2010 tournament, the only goal scored in the final was by the soon-to-be-retired Iniesta. Without him in the squad this year, the odds on Spain winning 2018 World Cup could be in jeopardy.

Furthermore, in the last World Cup in 2014, Spain failed to advance from the group stages with only one win in the three matches they played.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom if you’ve chosen to back odds on Spain winning 2018 World Cup, as they’re now looking much stronger than they did four years ago.

Spain World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

Although the tournament hasn’t even begun yet, bookmakers are already offering several odds Spain World Cup 2018 options. This gives you the perfect opportunity to back the team early, and as we mentioned earlier, there’s definitely some value in this.

Spain Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

Spain start off the World Cup in Group B, up against Portugal, Morocco and Iran. Although both Spain and Portugal are the favourites to advance from this group, they’ll have to play with skill and grace to keep the competition at bay.

Furthermore, as they’re up against Iran, who have put on a strong performance so far, this could definitely impact not only Spain’s odds to advance from the group stage, but also the odds Spain to win World Cup 2018.

Odds for Spain to Win World Cup 2018

The betting odds Spain to win World Cup 2018 are sure to be popular and if they do manage to advance from the groups, these odds will shorten massively.

At the moment, the Spain to win World Cup 2018 odds stand at around 5/1, which means that the major bookmakers all think that the team are in with around a 15% chance of winning. This may sound low, but at the moment the whole competition is still up for grabs.

If you think Spain has a better chance of winning than this, then now is the perfect chance to attempt to beat the bookies and place a wager.

Other Odds Spain World Cup 2018; World Cup 2018 Spain Fixtures

If you’ve decided that the Spain to win World Cup 2018 odds are a little too risky for you, then why not place a bet on one of the other markets.

Two of the most popular markets for Spain this tournament, besides betting odds Spain to win World Cup 2018, are at which stage they’ll be eliminated and if any of their players will pick up the Golden Ball or Golden Boot awards.

The elimination bet means that you have to predict at which stage in the competition Spain will drop out. Could it be that they won’t advance out of the groups at all, like at the last World Cup, or do you think they’ll reach the quarters or semis?

All of these bets are harder to predict, but this means they have a fair amount of value ahead of the start of the competition.

Another great bet to make would be backing one of the Spanish nationals to be the top goal scorer of the tournament.

Both Diego Costa and Alvaro Morata are known for being able to rack up multiple goals in any one match, and so a bet on these to pick up the coveted Golden Boot prize could be much more lucrative than odds Spain win World Cup 2018 options.