South Korea Starting Eleven

South Korea are another nation who has revealed its entire squad for the World Cup to the rest of the world. Like many other teams, however, they have yet to reveal which 11 players will be in their first match against Sweden.

This will be important for South Korea for a number of reasons, namely because the manager, Shin Tae-young, has not had much success as the team’s coach. If they get the upper hand against Sweden, perhaps he will get to keep his position.

Let’s hope our predicted South Korean dream team will give them the edge they need to get a head start in the World Cup.

Here are the 11 players we believe will make the line-up:

Goalkeeper Defenders Midfielders Forwards
Seung-gyu Young-gwon Sung-yueng Shin-wook
Hyun-soo Woo-young Heung-min
Seung-hyeon Chang-hoon Hee-chan

As you can see, some decent players are going to be on the pitch when it matters. However, does it mean South Korea will win? Not necessarily. We like to hope so, though. It would be refreshing to see them get a fair way into the competition with the same chances as any given European team.