South Korea Squad

The World Cup 2018 is taking place in Russia very, very soon. With only weeks to go, plenty of national football teams are revealing their line-ups for the tournament. South Korea is one of those nations and we have a feeling that they will do fairly well with their team.

Hand-picked by the manager, each player will be given a match to play in and they will have to cooperate if they want to win anything. It seems the odds are mostly in favour for South Korea (or the Korean Republic) to come second in Best Asian team of the World Cup.

Let’s take a look at the full list of players and see if we can’t decide who will be the best player:

Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
Seung-gyu Young-gwon Sung-yueng Shin-wook
Jin-hyeon Hyun-soo Woo-young Heung-min
Hyeon-woo Seung-hyeon Chang-hoon Hee-chan
Yeong-seon Se-jong Keun-ho
Kyung-won Ja-cheol
Ban-suk Jae-sung
Jin-su Seung-woo
Min-woo Sun-min
Joo-ho Chung-yong

We hope those selected do a much better job that South Korea has been doing of late. Pictures have shown the manager, Tae-young, under a lot of pressure and he could get fired if the team continue to mess up. However, getting into the World Cup is no mean feat so should be congratulated.