South Korea


Today, we’re going to tell you everything about the South Korea to win World Cup 2018 odds.

For those who’ve been stuck indoors for the past few months, the FIFA World Cup is just around the corner and we’re all getting ready to place our bets on who is likely to be the winner. Many have already chosen their winner (and we’re not talking about England) so if you haven’t already, it’s about time you did.

As it happens, South Korea could well be a contender for the World Cup, if not the best Asian team throughout the whole tournament. If you’re still not certain, we’ve compiled all the best odds we could find on the odds a South Korea World Cup victory may happen. We think they have a good chance of getting into the next round at least.

Then again, it’s also very probable South Korea will take us by surprise and reach the final. They may emerge as a team to get on board will and all bets will come flocking to them. Then again, they might not. Let’s explore the odds South Korea World Cup 2018 is likely to happen.

South Korea Top Asian Team?

South Korea did fairly well during the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, progressing into the World Cup itself among a few other Asian nations. While Asian countries may not be known for their prowess in football (honestly, we don’t know why!), South Korea could be top Asian team of the tournament.

Here are all the other Asian teams alongside South Korea and their odds of coming out on top:

  • Japan: 7/4
  • Australia: 3
  • South Korea: 7/2
  • Iran: 4
  • Saudi Arabia: 11

Please, don’t ask why Australia is under ‘Asia’. It just like Eurovision—they just are. Anyway, it seems Japan and South Korea have almost the same odds of being the top Asian team. Not bad. That could definitely be something to bet on if South Korea don’t make it past their first match.

It’s almost certain they won’t win the entire World Cup. Their competition in that category is just too stiff. While they have been strong contenders in other tournaments, this is simply a whole other league.

TL; DR — South Korea could be one of the top Asian teams of the World Cup but it’s very doubtful they’d make it to the final.

Odds on South Korea vs Sweden Match

The first match South Korea will participate in will be against Sweden on 18th June at 13:00 CET. They will be in Group F, so it will take place a few days after the tournament begins. This match also significantly contributes to the odds for South Korea to win World Cup 2018.

According to our research, South Korea might be in for a small chance of winning, however, the stronger odds are in Sweden’s favour. You might even be better off betting on the draw. In some cases, that is often the best option to take.

Here are the best odds of South Korea and Sweden playing against each other in their upcoming match:

  • South Korea — 11/10
  • Draw — 11/5
  • Sweden — 11/2

In short, Sweden are more likely to win based off their past history with other tournaments, meaning their win World Cup 2018 odds are stronger than South Korea’s. Still, Sweden could have a bad day and end up performing poorly, significantly increasing South Korea’s chances of moving onto the next round.

TL;DR — South Korea are unlikely beat Sweden in their first match but it is also possible they will. Odds South Korea win World Cup 2018 might also change. 

Odds on South Korea Winning 2018 World Cup

So, from all the data we’ve gathered so far dictate odds on South Korea winning World Cup 2018 title aren’t terribly strong. They may be a good team to support when you approach betting on them from different angles (such as the top Asian team title) but for contenders in the final, they’ve got almost no chance.

If you still need convincing, take a look at the odds of South Korea to win World Cup 2018 with your own eyes:

  • Sky Bet — 250
  • Ladbrokes — 250
  • William Hill — 300

Seems like South Korea to win the World Cup is not likely to be their destiny on those odds. Again, anything could change, but it would take a lot of changes to crown them as champions. That’s simply the truth of the matter. So, save yourself some money and bet for a different team to win the World Cup.

We’d like to reiterate that we do not believe South Korea is a bad team or that the Koreans are bad players. It’s just their chances of winning the World Cup are pretty slim. South Korea World Cup 2018 odds are, therefore, almost a waste of time on part of the bettor.

TL;DR — Betting odds South Korea to win World Cup 2018 are not the best and don’t rely on the idea that things could change.

Other Possible Bets

Aside from the top Asian team title, South Korea could help earn you money by making other bets separate from their success during the World Cup. If you don’t like South Korea World Cup 2018 odds and if you think their chances at being the best of their continent are too low, there are other bets you could make.

  • First to score a goal
  • First to get a yellow card
  • Will there be an offside?
  • Best player

World Cup 2018 South Korea fixtures make these bets much more likely and better for your chances of success in your gambling during the World Cup.  The risk is much lower but at least you know you more likely to get your money back.

Overall, betting odds for South Korea to win the World Cup are remote but they could head into the next round if Sweden play poorly. That is our take on the odds on South Korea to win World Cup 2018. We hope you have found it informative.