Serbia World Cup 2018

With the World Cup 2018 just a month away, here at GoWin, preparations are in full swing. Not only has the office already been decked out in flags, but we’ve also been doing our homework on each of the 32 international football teams which will travel to Russia to compete.

The World Cup 2018 is not only an exciting time for football fanatics, but it’s a pretty special time to be an online gambler too. This is because the tournament brings with it hundreds of new sports betting opportunities, including the odds on each country to advance out of the group stages and the odds on each country to win the tournament outright.

This is why, in this series of posts, we’re looking at each competing team in detail, so that you can make informed wagers, based around the team’s stats, odds and history in other World Cup competitions. In this article, we’re discussing whether Serbia are looking like a good team to back this year and whether or not there is any value in the odds on Serbia winning World Cup 2018.

Serbia in the World Cup 2018 So Far

Serbia have enjoyed a successful qualifying campaign in this year’s World Cup, having won six out of their ten qualifying matches and losing only one. This means that they placed first within their qualifying group and sailed straight through to the group stages.

What’s more, Serbia had no goalless matches in their qualifying stages, which is thanks in part to their star striker, Aleksandar Mitrović, who racked up an impressive six goals.

Whilst Serbia are not generally considered to be one of the main contenders for this year’s trophy, such an impressive qualifying journey means that the odds on Serbia to win World Cup 2018 may be much better than you’d expect. This makes backing Serbia in this World Cup a very appealing option.

A Brief History of Serbia’s World Cup Performances

As Serbia have only played as an independent nation since 2006, the 2018 World Cup will be the country’s second ever World Cup competition.

In 2014, Serbia failed to qualify for the tournament yet in 2010 they made it through to the group stages. Ultimately, however, the found themselves in a very difficult group and were beat out by Germany and Ghana to advance.

This means that it has been eight years since the country has performed on an international stage, which leaves them something of an unknown when it comes to this year’s competition. It’s difficult to predict how far they could go, but this does also mean there is definitely some value in backing odds for Serbia to win World Cup 2018.

Serbia World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

With the World Cup 2018 almost upon us, many bookmakers and online sportsbooks are already offering plenty of Serbia World Cup 2018 betting options in hundreds of different markets. Read on to learn about some of the most popular wagers you can place on Serbia at the moment, and whether it’s worth doing so!

Serbia Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

Serbia will begin the World Cup 2018 in Group E, up against Brazil, Switzerland and Costa Rica. This has been deemed a very close group to call as whilst Brazil are the favourites to advance, who goes through alongside them is very much up for grabs at the moment.

Both Costa Rica and Switzerland will be travelling to Russia with talented teams and they could very easily make it very difficult for Serbia to advance. What’s more, both teams are just as hard to predict as Serbia, which makes this a very tough group to place a wager on.

That being said, as Serbia’s chances of advancing are questionable at the moment, this means that you can actually find good odds Serbia to win World Cup 2018.

Odds on Serbia Winning 2018 World Cup

As we’ve just mentioned, the betting odds Serbia to win World Cup 2018 are very interesting, as there’s yet to be a widespread agreement on whether or not the team will even advance from the group stages.

At the moment, the Serbia to win World Cup 2018 odds stand at around 150/1, with some bookmakers offering longer odds of around 200/1 too. This means that for now, the bookmakers certainly aren’t backing Serbia to win, but this could all change very quickly once the group stages begin.

If Serbia do manage to progress into the Round of 16, then the odds on them to win the World Cup 2018 outright will definitely shorten. Whilst this means that now is a lucrative time to place a bet on Serbia, we would actually suggest waiting until it’s we are closer to the World Cup 2018 fixtures, and therefore when it is looking more likely that they will be able to advance.

Other Odds Serbia World Cup 2018; World Cup 2018 Serbia Fixtures

If you, like us, think that the Serbia to win the World Cup 2018 odds are looking a little too risky at the moment, then you may want to place a wager in some of the other available betting markets.

One of the most popular alternatives to the odds Serbia win World Cup 2018 options is to place an elimination bet instead. This means trying to figure out at which stage in the competition it’s most likely for the Serbian team to be kicked out.

At the moment, the odds on Serbia to be eliminated at either the group stages or the round of 16 are pretty short and therefore don’t have great value. However, if you have the guts to back them to last until the quarters or the semis, this could be a very profitable choice.