Senegal is one of the teams at FIFA World Cup 2018 that don’t get a lot of attention. This isn’t surprising — they aren’t among the favourites, nor are they the underdogs.

In fact, Senegal is potentially a sleeper that will silently advance to the elimination stage and start sending other teams home. That being said, odds on Senegal winning World Cup 2018 aren’t big.

The team is highly unlikely to defeat all in its path, yet if they perform as well as they did the last time, some gamblers might get terribly lucky (and others — very unlucky).

2018 World Cup — 2nd for Senegal

This World Cup is only the second one in the country’s history. The first one was in 2002 when the debuting team managed to get all the way to the quarter-finals.

Since they haven’t performed badly in the tournament yet, it leads some people to think that the odds on Senegal to win World Cup 2018 are higher than everyone expects.

While they have a capable team who has yet to lose an international match related to the FIFA World Cup this year, it would be a shock to everyone if they actually went all the way. Not that such surprises haven’t happened before.

The same conclusion can be drawn in several ways. If we take a look at statistics alone, Senegal is currently 28th best team in FIFA, which makes odds on Senegal winning 2018 World Cup rather small.

Senegal World Cup 2018 Odds; World Cup 2018 Senegal Fixtures

Senegal belongs to the eighth and last group of the tournament — Group H. This is actually one of the most exciting groups for many fans because it consists of teams that have similar strength. These are:

  • Poland
  • Senegal
  • Colombia
  • Japan

Every single one of these teams could win the group or, just as likely, end up in the fourth place, ending their journey. Senegal could have gotten into a much worse situation, as well as a much better one.

What’s clear is that predicting the outcome of the Group H is extremely difficult, making Senegal to win World Cup 2018 odds more difficult to guess than in most other cases.

In theory, Poland and Colombia are both seen as more powerful teams than Senegal, but it doesn’t mean that matches will be easy for any of them. Plus, it doesn’t get easier later on.

Therefore, reaching the quarter-finals again, like they did in 2002, will be really tough for Senegal as the odds Senegal World Cup 2018 has in such circumstances are not in their favour.

Odds on Senegal Winning World Cup 2018

Sports betting sites which offer FIFA World Cup 2018 markets probably saw this, as well as Senegal football team’s reputation in general, and chose 150/1 odds for Senegal to win World Cup 2018.

We can’t say we disagree with such a prize and payout rate. Compared to the other teams, Senegal is actually in the middle ground, that’s why we said they’re potential sleepers in this tournament.

Luckily, when you place bets online, there’s a lot more to choose from than just a team to win. Therefore, you should consider other Senegal World Cup 2018 odds as well.

Other FIFA World Cup Odds for Senegal

How about 6/1? These are the odds for Senegal to reach the quarter-finals — an achievement they have already accomplished 16 years ago.

If you don’t like the betting odds Senegal to win World Cup 2018, you can also bet on Senegal to reach semi-finals for a 16/1 payout as soon as they make it.

The latter two we find much more lucrative than the outright bet if you do want to place a bet on Senegal in one market or another. That being said, there are dozens of other options that you can explore at various sites online.

The odds Senegal win World Cup 2018 are low, but the team has surprised the world just enough in the past to make betting on them as semi-finalists or quarter-finalists reasonable.