France vs Belgium Predictions & Betting Tips

Antoinne Griezmann France GoalscorerFrance vs Belgium meets in the first leg of the semifinals this Tuesday on July 10. Both teams went through a lot to get that far, but one will go even further. Which team will it be? Read the odds just below.

France and Belgium are among the strongest teams this year. Not only because they reached the semi-finals, but for other reasons too. They were the favourites before the World Cup 2018 even started.

Fans and sports experts always considered France to be a better contender for the win this year. Belgium, however, was in the top 8 teams for a long time according to their odds.

Let’s see whether the situation is different now that the tournament is coming to an end.

Betting Tips for France vs Belgium

France remains a favourite for this match, though the advantage is barely noticeable. And if we look at their recent performance, you’ll see that Belgium got even better statistics.

They won their group with nine points whereas France won the group with seven. Then again, Belgium’s group was arguably easier too. Looking at their actual game, both teams are playing great football this year.

The teams both have very good players and some of the top scorers as well. There were almost no losses for these teams so far too. They have also beaten strong opponents in the knockout phase:

  • France beat Argentina and Uruguay
  • Belgium beat Brazil and Japan

Still, France looks like their game is a little more confident. Maybe that’s why they have slightly better odds at sports betting sites too. For an outright winner bet in the main time, the betting odds are:

  • France to win odds 11/8 to 31/20
  • Belgium to win odds 24/13 to 11/5

Head to Head Statistics

Here are some more details on both of these teams and their World Cup journey so far. This is some essential information if you want to make an informed opinion of your own.


France national team hadn’t lost a game in a long time. The last nine matches they played were either wins or draws. The last draw and the only one in World Cup 2018 was against Denmark in the group stage.

During their performances in this tournament, the team scored nine goals and conceded four of them.

They have earned eight yellow cards and made 73 fouls.

With that statistic, they definitely won’t win the Fair Play trophy. However, they have good chances to win the tournament itself.


On the other hand, the last loss Belgium suffered was in 2016.  They have won all the games they played in World Cup 2018 too. They scored 14 goals, the most of all remaining teams, and conceded five of them.

They have slightly better pass accuracy than France as well, with 85% vs 82% successful passes.

They earned seven yellow cards and made 72 fouls in the five matches so far.

So the statistics are slightly better on Belgium’s side, but they mean little. It’ll all depend on the team’s ability to defend against the formidable forward in France and their own success in retaliating.

Head-to-head History

Speaking of the history between the two teams, it’s pretty vast. The teams have already played 73 international matches before. Interestingly enough, France only won 24 of them. Belgium won 30.

However, most of these matches are old. France has been getting the better of Belgium in the 10 most recent matches, even though they trace back to 1984.

There’s another important thing. Most of the matches are friendly and the teams have only met six times in the World Cup. Out of these, France won four and Belgium only one. Now that’s something superstitious folk with definitely take for a sign.

Who Will Score for France?

Didier Deschamps has a team with two top scorers in 2018 World Cup. Both Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappe are in the top 10 goalscorers. Each one has three goals under their name.

But they aren’t the only ones who could score for France. Here are some odds for French players to score in the upcoming match:

Antoine Griezmann to score odds 2/1

Kylian Mbappe to score odds 2/1

Olivier Giroud to score odds 13/5

Ousmane Dembele to score odds 3/1

Florian Thauvin to score odds 3/1 to 4/1

Who Will Score for Belgium?

Roberto Martinez coaches one of the best Belgium national football teams of all time. This team has the best attack rating of all the teams left in World Cup 2018. They have made 85 total shots in the tournament so far.

That’s 30 more shots than France and there are many players who could score in this match. Romelu Lukaku is an obvious candidate, sharing the second top scorer place with several other players.

However, he’s far from the only one who could score, as we’ve seen before in Belgium’s matches. Here are the other potential scorers and their odds:

Romelu Lukaku to score odds 2/1

Michy Batshuayi to score odds 23/10

Eden Hazard to score odds 5/2 to 17/5

Dries Mertens to score odds 3/1 to 4/1

Kevin de Bruyne to score odds 7/2 to 6/1

Will There be Penalty or Red Cards?

FIFA isn’t quick to deal out red cards lately. There have only been four red cards given in World Cup 2018 so far. This makes them unlikely too in the match between France and Belgium.

On the other hand, the stakes are very high right now. If one team is cornered, the chances are higher. Still, both teams are very professional so they’ll try to avoid making mistakes in the first place.

As for the penalties, they’re much more likely to be given to one team or another. Both teams have actually shot a penalty or two before. Interestingly, all those penalties ended in goals too.

Planning to bet on the penalties in main time? We think that Belgium is more likely to be given a penalty than the other way around. But the odds are quite similar.

Besides, we have already predicted France to be the team to defend against a penalty before. The odds simply were against them, but it turned out the other way around. So you’ll definitely need luck to win on this one.

Belgium vs France match in the semi-final of World Cup 2018 could end in many ways. However, France has a slight advance, judging from the recent gameplay of the teams.