Semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018 are the last steps before the final. Only four best teams are left to participate in them so the stakes are high. Naturally, these will be the most difficult matches for all the teams so far as well.

In World Cup 2018, the semi-final matches are as follows:

  • 1st leg: France vs Belgium on 10 July
  • 2nd leg: Croatia vs England on 11 July

Learn more about the football semi-finals in FIFA World Cup and more. Who will get to the finals and who will win it all? Here are our predictions and other information you need to know while waiting for the semi-finals to begin.

World Cup 2018 Russia Semi-Finals

The semi-finals are the last matches before the finals in the tournament. Only four teams continue, leaving behind such favourites as Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

It’s a knockout stage and the winner will have to emerge on each match. This means that additional time and penalties might be used to determine the winner. This was done more than once already this year too.

Winners of each semi-final legs will continue to play in the final for the World Cup 2018 trophy. The losers will play another match too. It will determine the 3rd place winner and will take place before the final.

Semi-Final Predictions 2018

Many people say that the winner of first leg is very likely to win the tournament. They’re assuming that France and Belgium are both stronger than Croatia and England. In a way, this means that the first semi-final could be more exciting than the final afterwards.

However, this is just a guess and we’ve seen less likely scenarios to unfold this year. Besides, Belgium and France are two very similar teams. Both are capable and successful so far.

The same applies to Croatia and England, though various sports betting sites give contradicting odds. Most of them favour France and England. Yet they have very little advantage in the semi-finals, if any at all.

Special Semi-Finals Rules

What makes semi-finals interesting is that all the bookings earned before in the tournament don’t count anymore. This means that earning a yellow card won’t result in the player missing the finals. Even if they had yellow cards before, it doesn’t matter.

Only red cards could effectively eliminate players from the tournament right away. But since players are very careful to avoid red cards, we're unlikely to see any in the semi-finals.

Watch Semi-Final World Cup Live

Whatever people say, getting to the semi-finals is already an amazing achievement. Especially in tournaments like the World Cup. There are several reasons for that, such as:

  • It’s the most prestigious football tournament in the world
  • It’s the BIGGEST football tournament in the world
  • It takes place only once in four years

Since it’s so rare and important, its effect is huge. Being in the semi-finals will boost the rankings of the national teams no matter the result. Especially the ones that weren’t at the top like Croatia and England.

That being said, semi-finals should provide unforgettable football moments. So make sure you watch them live on the 10th and 11th of July 2018.