Uruguay vs Russia – Odds, Tips & Predictions

On the 25th of June at 5 PM local time, Uruguay will meet Russia for their last match in the first group of the World Cup 2018.

It’s likely that the match will decide who will advance to the next stage and who will drop out of the tournament. Hence, the stakes will be high and this means more exciting football for all the viewers around the world.

As a two-time world cup winner, Uruguay is seen as the favourite in the Group A. However, Russia isn’t far behind. What they might be lacking in world-class talents and gameplay potential, they make up for with the mere fact that all the matches take place in Russia.

This means greater support from the crowd as well as less tedious trips and preparation schedules, which might also have a considerable effect in the long run.

So, it isn’t easy to predict whether Cherchesov or Tabárez is winning this conclusive match.

Uruguay – Russia World Cup 2018 Match

When it comes to the group stage, Russia and Uruguay are in the Group A along with:

  1. Egypt
  2. Saudi Arabia

The latter doesn’t really threaten anyone, but Egypt could totally compete with the two other teams for qualification to the next stage. Therefore, the match between Uruguay and Russia is probably going to be very important.

To be fair, both teams have been playing friendly matches as well as participating in other tournaments these past years with the best teams in the world.

Unfortunately, both teams have also been performing pretty badly lately. Uruguay has won only one out of three international matches since the beginning of 2017. Pretty much the same applies to Russia as well.

While it wasn’t completely hopeless (Russia managed to end a match against Spain in a tie; Uruguay did the same with Argentina), it doesn’t seem that recent performance could help us decide which team is in better shape right now.

Uruguay – Russia Group Match Odds

People at sports betting sites and casinos came to the same conclusion. As a result, the odds you can find for this match are fairly even, so you’ll win very similar amount regardless of the team you support:

  • Uruguay to win odds: 17/10
  • Odds of a tie: 2/1
  • Russia to win odds: 15/8

Uruguay has a slight advantage, but it’s not much. We can see a clearer picture when checking the group winner market. In the group A, Uruguay and Russia have the best odds, which are:

  • 4/5 for Uruguay
  • 9/5 for Russia

If you’re thinking of betting though, remember that after the first matches in the group are played, the odds will definitely change. Luckily, you can start betting now if you like the current odds.

Russia – Uruguay Football Team History

Another thing that might help you decide which team has better chance to win is the history of these two teams playing international matches.

Unfortunately, this criterion won’t help this time either. The teams have only met once before in 2012, playing a friendly match right before the beginning of UEFA Euro 2012. That match ended in a tie: 1-1.

Although Uruguay, by and large, is considered a slightly better team, Russia has the advantage of the hosts, which makes them much more likely to play their best game.