Switzerland vs Costa Rica

The last match in the group E of FIFA World Cup 2018 and one of the last matches in the group stage of the tournament will be between Switzerland and Costa Rica.

As such, it will probably spell the end of the tournament for one of these teams, unless the advancing teams will already be clear before the match.

Judging by the popular opinion, the team that will have to leave after this match is much more likely to be Costa Rica. But do they really have no chance of winning against Switzerland?

Switzerland – Costa Rica World Cup 2018 Match

Like in many other groups at this year’s World Cup, there’s one team which seems much better than the others, at least that’s the impression we get from the media. Of course, that team is Brazil.

Switzerland is second, although they did have to play in the second round of UEFA qualification to finally join the participants.

Although Costa Rica is now considered a slightly less powerful team, they have had greater success at this tournament before, so we don’t believe that the odds are that much in favour of Switzerland.

A better reason to favour the European team would be their recent matches played with other teams instead. Last year, they won almost every single match they played, which can’t be said about Costa Rica.

They have been losing quite a bit lately, yet they were still second in their confederation when qualifying for the tournament, losing only to Mexico alone.

Switzerland – Costa Rica Group Match Odds

Sheer talent and hard work are what raises the odds and Switzerland definitely has that. They’re often seen as simply a better team, belonging to the 10 best international football teams in the world today.

For some of these reasons, Switzerland is considered a clear favourite in this match. Online sports betting sites offer odds that are really cheap should you decide to support Switzerland. They are:

  • Switzerland to win odds: 10/11
  • Odds of a tie: 12/5
  • Costa Rica to win odds: 7/2

Similar odds are available in the ‘teams to qualify’ market. Switzerland have at least even odds, while Costa Rica has modest 7/2 or similar odds.

That being said, there are two ways to see this.

  1. It’s a good opportunity to bet on Costa Rica and win big if they succeed
  2. Play safe and expect that the majority of fans is correct

We, however, don’t think that Costa Rica’s odds are that low. So we would choose the first option.

Switzerland – Costa Rica Football Team History

Switzerland and Costa Rica have met each other on the turf two times before, once in 2006 and once in 2010. Switzerland won the former match but lost the most recent one, which was an international friendly.

So, Costa Rica definitely has what it takes to beat the Europeans. The question is, will they do it now, in FIFA World Cup 2018?

We don’t say that they will, but there definitely is a fair chance. We will know better after the first matches of the tournament, though.

Switzerland is a clear favourite which has been winning most of their matches lately. However, Costa Rica has a decent team too, so their chances aren’t that slim after all.