Spain vs Morocco – Odds, Tips & Predictions

Group B matches in the World Cup 2018 will finish with Spain and Morocco facing each other on 25 June at 9 PM. At that point, Spain — Morocco World Cup match will be the last chance for these two teams to improve their standing in the tournament table.

Of course, everyone thinks that Spain has much greater chances to win this match. It might not even matter to them anymore, especially if their previous match against Portugal will be just as successful.

Nevertheless, a single goal is sometimes enough to turn the tables and with enough luck, Morocco could pull it off. After all, they haven’t lost a single match in the tournament yet, including the qualifiers.

Spain – Morocco World Cup 2018 Match

We do agree that this match is not one of those that attract the largest crowds and it’s very likely to be one-sided. As you probably remember, Spain was the world champion before Germany took their title four years ago.

Spain is still as strong as they’ve been these last years, and they have been proving this lately. For example, they managed to defeat Argentina by five points a few months ago in a friendly match. They have also won against France and Italy not long ago.

In short, Morocco is in some serious trouble. The fact that Portugal is also in their group will make it extremely difficult for them to qualify. Therefore, their chances to advance, let alone win the World Cup, are among the lowest ones.

Spain – Morocco Group Match Odds

The odds for this match won’t surprise you. No matter which sports betting website you decide to visit, you’ll find the odds highly in favour of Spain. Here’s one example:

  • Spain to win odds: 4/11
  • Odds of a tie: 15/4
  • Morocco to win odds: 9/1

While Spain is much more likely to win, you’d get only £4 for each £11 you bet on Spain. It pays much more to bet on Morocco, but they probably won’t win.

While Spain is the 3rd best team in the world and one of the most likely World Cup winners this year, Morocco is just barely in the top 50 and only participates in the tournament for the fifth time.

What’s more, Morocco has advanced further than the group stage only once and then lost in the group of 16. This year, however, we’re pretty sure that they won’t even be able to repeat their best result in this tournament so far.

Morocco – Spain Football Team History

The two teams have only met twice, but it was a very long time ago. They have played two matches in the FIFA World Cup 1962 qualifiers and Spain won both times as well.

Although many years have passed, we’d still say that the only way you could win a bet on this match is by backing Spain or, alternatively, placing a lay bet on Morocco.

Spain is an obvious favourite in this match. While Morocco is performing well, the team is simply not resourceful enough to defeat Spain, unless they’re really lucky.