South Korea vs Mexico

Everyone agrees that the winner of Group F will be Germany. However, the opinions vary widely when it comes to the second place. The match between South Korea and Mexico will help solve this problem.

All the remaining teams are capable of going further, including the two aforementioned national teams as well as Sweden, which is also playing in the same group.

Mexico has the best chances according to many, though it isn’t going to be easy. Other teams are just as strong and have achieved good results in the World Cup before.

Mexico has actually performed the worst in the past FIFA World Cups. Has their time come to reach quarter-finals again and advance even further for the first time in history? Let’s speculate!

South Korea – Mexico World Cup 2018 Match

Although South Korea had some difficulties qualifying for the World Cup, they made it as runners-up in their group, losing to Iran only. Mexico, on the other hand, only lost one in 10 matches during their qualification.

Also, Mexico is ranked higher in general, being in the top 15 teams, while South Korea is either 30th (ELO ranking) or 60th (according to FIFA), depending on which ranking you like better (we prefer the higher one).

Anyway, Mexico has been showing better, albeit imperfect, shape recently. South Korean players have been losing quite a few friendlies, so their team isn’t looking too strong going into the tournament.

In fact, most people would probably bet on South Korea as the team to end up last in their group.

This is also apparent from the odds at sports betting sites for this match.

South Korea – Mexico Group Match Odds

The match between the teams of J. Osorio and Shin Tae-Yong will likely end up with a victory for Mexico, at least that’s what sportsbook experts think:

  • South Korea to win odds: 3/1
  • Odds of a tie: 23/10
  • Mexico to win odds: Evens

The same advantage can be seen in the market of outright bets. The bookies offer 100/1 for bets on Mexico and 500/1 for bets on South Korea, meaning the latter is believed as much less likely to win the tournament.

On the other hand, three to one isn’t that bad of a chance, so although South Korea is unlikely to win the tournament, they can definitely advance to the elimination stage. Remembering the World Cup 2002, this this seems like a real possibility as they climbed all the way to the semi-finals back then.

Mexico – South Korea Football Team History

Since we started talking about history, Mexico and South Korea have met in official matches quite many times before.

Out of 14 matches, Mexico won seven and South Korea won six. During the last 10 years, though, the teams only met twice and Mexico won these matches with the result 4-0 both times.

Both teams have a fair chance of winning this match. However, Mexico has been performing significantly better lately, which leads us to believe that they will win this match and advance from Group F along with Germany.