Serbia vs Switzerland

Serbia and Switzerland will be the thirds-to-last team to play in the Group E category of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Kick-off will start at 20:00 CET on 22nd June. It may well just set the tone not only for the entire group but also for the rest of the tournament to come.

While we all wait and see who will go into the next round for the other groups, you can all place your bets on this match to see what the outcome may be.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at who will be coming out on top between Serbia and Switzerland.

Serbia/Switzerland Match World Cup 2018

As we say often, this match will be extremely important for both sides. For one, it will help them get into the next round of matches which in turn will determine if they reach the final. For another, it may affect their reputation in the game overall for years to come.

After scouring sports betting sites across the internet, we’ve come across the most popular odds on Serbia and Switzerland’s match together. Here they are:

  • Serbia — 11/5
  • Draw — 59/25
  • Switzerland — 33/20

As you can see, the odds of either outcome for the match are just about even. It may not appear as such to the untrained eye, but pie charts demonstrate that the odds are almost exactly 1/3 or 33.3% as likely to happen as all the others.

This could be a problem as it presents us with no opportunity to recommend any outcome to bet on. It really is in the lap of the gods when the odds are exactly even like this. We just don’t know. Serbia or Switzerland could be victors, and neither would be surprising.

Serbia/Switzerland Group Match Odds

Well, since we cannot determine who exactly will win the match, the best we can do is bet on who is likely to become the best team in Group E against all the others.

Let’s take a look at those odds in absence of any others:

  • Serbia — 9/1
  • Costa Rica — 22/1
  • Brazil — 2/5
  • Switzerland — 7/1

It is here we can see more of the imbalance we were expecting. Brazil are going to go on into the next round no question. They are simply too good of a team with too good a reputation.

As for the rest, it is once again more or less equal so it’s hard to determine who will come out as the best of Group E.

Serbia/Switzerland Football Team History

Considering the history of both Serbia and Switzerland as football teams, the quality is almost equal, making it even harder to determine how hard it will be for either to go through to the final.

In short, both are quality teams that will pull out all the stops to make it to the final. We’ll keep a close eye on this match and determine who’ll be most likely to win closer to the time.

TL;DR — It could be either Serbia or Switzerland who will win the match so it is hard to say at this time who you should put your bets on.