Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Russia and Saudi Arabia will be among the first national teams to face off against each other in the FIFA World Cup 2018 on 14th June. As a matter of fact, it will be the first match of the entire event and will show us what to expect in the upcoming tournament.

While everybody waits for England to compete against Tunisia, you can make all your bets on this match instead! It should be an interesting one, given both teams’ track records.

Let’s see who will come out on top by examining the odds of either country winning.

Russia/Saudi Arabia Match World Cup 2018

This match will be very important for both sides. Not only is it the first qualifying match to get to the next round, it will be the teams’ one and only chance to get to the World Cup final.

It’s hard to imagine, if you’re not a massive football and regular bettor just how the two teams compare when pitted against each other. Here are the official odds of the match outcomes:

  • Russia — 73%
  • Draw — 20%
  • Saudi Arabia — 7%

In other words, it seems like Russia is the most likely to come out on top. The best Saudi Arabia can hope for is a draw but that won’t guarantee them a place in the next round. Russia are simply too good in comparison.

With such good players on their side, Russia is likely to progress far into the competition. They may even win the World Cup, making it appropriate since it’s being hosted there this year. It would certainly make an interesting victory.

So, the odds on the match itself are pretty obvious. What about the group odds overall? Will Saudi Arabia still come out on top?

Russia/Saudi Arabia Group Match Odds

Russia is generally considered to be a good team but many people see Saudi Arabia as the underdog. Then again, they are up against Uruguay, who are an exceptional team.

This tilts the odds against them somewhat. Let’s take a look:

  • Russia — 9/5
  • Tie — 9/4
  • Saudi — 33

Russia has been winning a lot of matches so it would be odd to say that Saudi Arabia will overcome them in their match when the odds are pitted against them so much.

Then again, absolutely nothing is impossible and Russia could have an exceptionally bad day on the pitch, giving Saudi Arabia the edge they need to stand a better chance in the World Cup.

As it stands, however, it appears Russia is the superior of the two teams and we can expect to see them progress to the semi-finals at least.

Russia/Saudi Arabia Football Team History

If you want to talk history, Russia and Saudi Arabia have plenty in football. Saudi, for instance, has won numerous cup titles and Russia has been pretty successful in past UEFAs.

In short, their histories vary (Russia is longer than Saudi Arabia’s) and their skills vary too but we’re pretty sure that, no matter who wins, they will both be favourites.

TL;DR — Russia is likely to beat Saudi Arabia due to overwhelming odds  but that by no means makes Saudi a rubbish team!

Next game is Egypt vs. Uruguay