Portugal vs Morocco

The second round of group matches at 2018 FIFA World Cup will start in full on the 20th of June. That’s also the day when Portugal meets Morocco in Group B, a second match in the tournament for each team.

By that time, we will have seen all the teams play at least once and will have a much better idea of their preparation. However, we can draw some likely outcomes of this match today based on the previous matches of these teams as well.

That’s what we’re going to do right now.

Portugal Morocco Match World Cup 2018

Morocco is obviously an underdog in this match, so they can only hope that Portugal makes a mistake that they would be able to use to their advantage.

They probably also know that it will be very difficult to defend for 90 minutes against Ronaldo and other strikers, so defensive gameplay is very risky. Instead, they will possibly aim to attack Portugal as best as they can, since their defence isn’t that perfect.

On the other hand, Morocco is currently predicted to perform quite well, though it’s hard to say if that will be enough against the likes of Portugal and Spain, which is also in Group B.

Both teams have been doing quite well lately, winning the majority of international matches they played. Morocco has been winning against Egypt and Nigeria too, so they look ready for the challenge.

Are you ready to bet on one of these teams though?

Portugal Morocco Group Match Odds

It isn’t surprising that Portugal has way better odds than Morocco for this match. On various sports betting sites, you will find these or very similar odds on offer:

  • Portugal to win odds: 4/7
  • Tie odds: 14/5
  • Morocco to win odds: 11/2

These are not the worst odds for a team we’ve seen in the World Cup 2018 market, but they definitely don’t inspire Morocco.

World Cup has surprised the audiences many times before, though. Therefore, the 40th best team can totally win against the 4th best team.

It’s not like Morocco is completely new to the tournament either, although they never performed exceptionally well at it.

Morocco Portugal Football Team History

Despite all that’s been said, the football history of these two teams is quite contradictory. They only have played once against one another and Morocco actually won back then.

True, the match took place a while ago, back in 1986 FIFA World Cup, but Morocco won with the end result 3-1.

Back then, Morocco topped their group and advanced to the elimination stage for the first (and still the only) time in history, leaving Portugal in the fourth place and out of the tournament.

We’re pretty sure that the same scenario won repeat itself again this time as Portugal is one of the most likely winners of the World Cup. So, unless there’s a curse between Portugal and Morocco, we say the chances for the latter are slim.

Portugal is a much stronger team than Morocco in almost all respects. Even though Portuguese have never won against Morocco in a World Cup before, we’re pretty confident that this will change this year.