Poland vs Senegal

Poland and Senegal will be one of the last teams to face off against each other in the first round of the FIFA World Cup 2018. Their match will take place on 19th June and while there have been many teams played off by now, we’re sure looking forward to what will surely be an interesting match.

It will be one of the last ones of this round but one of the first in Group H to play. We anticipate that it will be a good play-off regardless with some interesting odds.

Which team would be best to bet on, though? Let’s take a look at the odds and see if we can’t figure it out.

Poland/Senegal Match World Cup 2018

This match will be important for both teams for reasons we hopefully don’t have to specify. It will not only ensure either one a place in the next round where they will be one step closer to winning the World Cup, it will show the other teams in the group.

Poland and Senegal aren’t big players in the world of football; that’s to say, they haven’t won a ton of tournaments to earn a reputation. That, by no means, indicates that they’re poor teams, more that they are underdogs in the World Cup with the potential to become new champions.

Here are their odds in their own match:

  • Poland— 42%
  • Draw — 31%
  • Senegal — 27%

So the odds seem to be mostly in Poland’s favour, however, Senegal still have a strong chance of overcoming them. A Polish victory is by no means certain. It’s still likely the tide will turn and Senegal may triumph over them and enter the next round over them.

Still, Poland have the edge here as the odds show and although it would be sensible to bet on their victory, you may want to choose your wager with some careful consideration.

So that’s the odds on their match, but what about the Group H odds? Will either team have some kind of redemption after losing their match?

Poland/Senegal Group Match Odds

Neither team is among the top five to win the World Cup (there are way too many better teams for that to even be slightly true) but the odds they may be the best team in their group is still much likelier than that.

Here are the odds of the results from the group matches:

  • Poland — 2/1
  • Tie — 9/4
  • Senegal — 51/10

Not bad odds. Poland are once again on top with better odds, but it appears Senegal have a stronger chance than anybody may have assumed. Although, it seems more likely Poland will come out on top. Your bet, therefore, is better placed on them.

Poland/Senegal Football Team History

Like we’ve said, Poland have a good chance of winning purely because they have a slightly better history than Senegal. Senegal could, however, emerge triumphant and prove that it’s their time to shine.

Either way, at this early stage, it’s hard to tell which team will move on into the next round. Our money’s on Poland.

TL;DR — The odds of either Poland or Senegal beating one another are almost even but the former has a slight edge!