Poland vs Colombia

In just over a month’s time, the World Cup 2018 will be in full swing and football fans from all over the world will be tied to their TV screens, flags draped around their shoulders, and dreams pinned on their national team. The World Cup is always an exciting affair, not least because it provides online gamblers with hundreds of new betting opportunities.

In this series of posts, we’re giving you all the information you need to bet smarter this year. This includes tips on which teams are likely to win, which players are the ones to watch, and what the odds on all sorts of markets are shaping up to be.

Some of the first betting opportunities this World Cup 2018 will come as the group stages get underway. Each of these matches is all important to the teams involved, as it’s their only chance to bag enough wins to progress into the round of 16.

On the 24th June, ten days after the tournament officially beings, Poland and Colombia will play their second match of the competition, against each other. This is set to be a close match as both are the favourites to advance out of their group. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this match, and the odds on either team to win.

Poland vs Colombia World Cup 2018: Date and Time

As we’ve just mentioned Poland and Columbia will play each other as their second match in the group stages of the World Cup 2018. The match will be played in the Kazan Arena in Kazan, which has a 45,379 spectator capacity and will also be the location for one of the quarter finals.

Poland vs Colombia will take place on Sunday the 24th of June, and kick off will be at 20:00 PM (CET).

By the time this match is played, both teams will have already played their first match of the World Cup 2018. Colombia will play Japan on the 19th of June, and Poland will play Senegal on the same day. This means that the results of these matches will definitely influence the betting odds on the match in hand, and both teams’ hopes of advancing out of the group stages.

Poland vs Colombia: Group H Odds to Advance

Poland and Colombia will start of the world cup in Group H, which also includes Senegal and Japan. This has been deemed a tight group, as both Poland and Colombia have very good chances of advancing.

Colombia performed excellently at the 2014 World Cup, and Poland are taking a team full of star players to Russia. Whilst it would be unwise to count out both Japan and Senegal just yet, if Colombia and Poland are on track to progress by the time this match gets underway, they will both be fighting tooth and nail to finish in first place in the group.

Poland vs Colombia Winner Betting Odds

At the moment, the betting odds on Colombia vs Poland are very close:

  • Poland to win: 9/5
  • Colombia to win: 6/4
  • Draw: 21/10

These odds show that Colombia are the favourites to win, but there’s really not much in it, especially when you consider that these odds may change closer to the time of the match.

Whilst there is some value in betting on the two teams to draw, as ties are quite rare in the world cup, we’d want these odds to be a little longer to consider placing a bet.

This match is shaping up to be a difficult game to predict and that’s why we’d advise waiting until nearer the competition to take a punt on either team.

Poland vs Colombia: Recent Team Statistics

If betting on this match is seeming appealing to you, then it’s very important that you consider both teams’ recent performances in the World Cup 2018 qualifying stages.


  • In their qualifying group stage, Poland won eight out of the ten games they played (80%), drew one and lost the other.
  • This means that they finished in the first place of their qualifying group and automatically progressed into the group stages of the 2018 World Cup.
  • Within the ten qualifying games they played, Poland scored a total of 28 goals, yet they also conceded 14 and had one goalless match.
  • The odds on Poland winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 50/1.


  • In their qualifying stages, Colombia won seven out of the eighteen games they played (38.89%), drew six and lost five.
  • This meant that they finished in fourth position and automatically qualified for the World Cup 2018.
  • Within the eighteen qualifying games they played, Colombia scored 21 times, conceded 26 goals, and had five goalless matches.
  • The odds on Colombia winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 33/1.