Panama vs Tunisia

Panama and Tunisia will meet in one of the last matches of the group stage in FIFA World Cup 2018. It will take place on 28 June at 9 PM.

By that time, we will know most of the teams to advance to the group of 16. Group G will be one of the last to solve itself out. Although most people predict that both of these two teams will drop out, unpredictable things tend to happen once in a while in this sport.

So, the match between Panama and Tunisia might as well be decisive and shape the way this tournament will look in the following weeks.

There’s no real favourite for this match either, so stick with us to find out which team has better odds.

Panama – Tunisia World Cup 2018 Match

If we had to choose a stronger side, we’d choose Tunisia, even if their odds are only slightly better than Panama’s. There are several reasons for that.

The debut of Panama

Panama has never played in the World Cup before. They have simply never qualified before, although they’ve tried.

Tunisia has participated four times before

Tunisia, on the other hand, isn’t new to the tournament. They played four times before, last time being in 2006. However, of twelve matches they played, they have only won one.

Recent performance

Panama has been losing about every other international match they played these last few years. But then again, the same applies to Tunisia. They have also won just a little over half of their recent matches.

Current ranking

Surprisingly, both teams are ranked very close to one another, around the 50th place worldwide. If we trust FIFA rankings, though, Tunisia is way above in the 14th place. That would suggest their advantage, if statistics can be relied upon here.

Panama – Tunisia Group Match Odds

Both teams have shown enough talent to qualify for the tournament this year and we’ve seen them perform well enough to be able to win this match.

So, Tunisia’s slight advantage isn’t too dramatic here. Their approach might also be influenced very much by the results of previous matches.

Anyway, the odds as seen at sports betting sites suggest that Tunisia is more likely to win:

  • Panama to win odds: 11/5
  • Odds of a tie: 21/10
  • Tunisia to win odds: 7/5

If you think that these teams are fairly even, it pays more to bet on Panama since their odds are lower.

Tunisia – Panama Football Team History

We cannot draw our predictions from the previous encounters between these two teams either because they have never played against one another before.

Although Tunisia has lost almost every match in this tournament before, it was because their opponents were usually stronger than them. This is hardly the case with Panama, but they will try to do their best for the debut appearance in a World Cup.

Although both of the teams are unlikely to advance, this match should be very interesting as the teams are roughly on the same level. Despite Tunisia’s poor previous performances in the tournament, they have slightly better odds.