Nigeria vs Iceland

The matches of group D will continue on throughout the 21st and 22nd of June. At 6 PM of 22 June, Nigeria and Iceland will meet each other for their second match in the World Cup 2018.

At that point, victory will be absolutely necessary for both teams, so we’ll probably see an intense match. The fact that both teams are pretty equal in strength will add even more intensity.

It’s difficult to say which team will prevail. Nigeria has participated in the tournament several times already, reaching elimination stages but never going as far as top eight.

Iceland, on the other hand, has never even played in the World Cup before, so their players don’t have a lot of experience at games of such a high tier and so many viewers worldwide.

There are differing opinions on these two teams and their encounter too, so let’s explore the possibilities and chances for each of them to win.

Nigeria – Iceland World Cup 2018 Match

Let’s be honest, it’s very likely that neither of these two teams will win their group with Argentina playing there too. On the other hand, all the other teams have a good chance to finish in the second place and happily go on to the group of 16.

Aside from these two teams, Croatia is also in group D, and it’s a worthy opponent for both Iceland and Nigeria.

This will make these two teams try even harder to gain an edge against the other teams. And while Nigeria has been better for a while, Iceland is now considered a better team. They’re actually in the top 25 teams in the world, while Nigeria is only in the first 50.

Nigeria – Iceland Group Match Odds

Regardless of what we have said, many people don’t think that Iceland will continue surprising the world for much longer. Yes, they have defeated Croatia once last year, but Nigeria has been winning more frequently these last few years.

Perhaps this is why sports betting sites offer odds that are slightly in favour of Nigeria, even if the difference is very small.

To give you one example, here are some odds offered for this match by one popular mobile sportsbook service in the UK and Europe:

  • Nigeria to win odds: 7/4
  • Odds of a tie: 2/1
  • Iceland to win odds: 13/8

If we look at outright bets instead, Nigeria pays out less than Iceland too (which means a better chance that they will win):

  • Nigeria outright odds: 150/1 to 300/1
  • Iceland outright odds: 250/1 to 400/1

Iceland – Nigeria Football Team History

Finally, looking at the history of these two teams and the matches they have played with one another, the situation is completely opposite.

The teams have met only once, but Iceland won that match 3-0. And it’s not a recent result, it was back in 1981 when Iceland was not in a shape they’re in now. Now, they seem to be much better prepared for the World Cup.

Although sports betting sites favour Nigeria, we see Iceland as a team that’s just as likely to win this match and advance to the next stage.