Morocco vs Iran

Morocco and Iran will be among the first teams to kick off World Cup 2018 for real. Their group match will take place on the second day of the tournament — the 15th of June. It’s actually the third match of this year’s tournament in general.

While everyone will be waiting for the Portugal – Spain match, taking place right after this one on the same day, this match should also be very interesting as both teams are roughly on the same level.

Let’s find out more about the match, its odds and history of the two football teams.

Morocco Iran Match World Cup 2018

The match between Morocco and Iran is going to be extremely important for both of these teams. This is because losing it will probably mean losing the tournament in general.

The thing is, Morocco and Iran both drafted unfortunate opponents that are considered way more powerful than themselves, they are:

  • Spain
  • Portugal

In other words, winning the other two group matches for both of these teams will be very difficult. Defeating a team that’s pretty much on your level isn’t easy, but it’s way easier than playing against a much stronger opponent.

That being said, we’ll probably see both Hervé Renard and Carlos Queiroz throw as much as it takes at each other to come on top. As far as the coaches are concerned, this is the best way for them to advance any further and tie will not satisfy.

So, as we already said, a very interesting match awaits.

Morocco Iran Group Match Odds

Iran is generally considered a better team when it comes to football, however, most people and sports bookies favour Morocco instead.

It’s not unusual to find odds that are pretty significantly shifted towards Morocco, for example:

  • Morocco to win odds: 5/4
  • Tie odds: 9/4
  • Iran to win odds: 12/5

The thing is, Morocco has been winning quite a lot recently. And if they weren’t winning, at least they’ve managed to score ties instead. Iran, on the other hand, has a pretty wild graph comprising of both victories and losses.

This is enough to turn the tables when deciding which team to bet on. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if Morocco actually won against Iran, even if it used to be unlikely for the most part of the history these teams had.

The same thing can be seen in the outright bet market. If you place a bet on Morocco today, you’ll win 400x your wager. If you place it on Iran, the win size will rise up to 750x.

Iran Morocco Football Team History

Speaking of history, Morocco and Iran have played international football matches against one another two times only and both were pretty long ago. So long in fact, that no current players or coaches were present back then.

Here are the matches and their outcomes:

  • 1978 Presidents Cup — 2-0 (Iran won)
  • 2002 LG Cup — 1-1 (Iran won)

As you see, Morocco has never won against Iran yet. However, since the current situation is suggesting otherwise, maybe the time has come for Morocco to get their revenge.

We hope you’ll use this information successfully when betting on the outcome of this match!

Iran and Morocco are fairly even teams, though lately, Morocco has been winning more. This brought the odds in Morocco’s favour even though Iran has always been considered a slightly better team.