Japan vs Senegal

Japan – Senegal World Cup match will take place just around the middle of the group match weeks, on 24 June at 8 PM. It’s going to be the third match in Group H and should be very exciting.

That’s because all the teams in that group are really great and they all have a fair chance of winning that group because there are no highest ranking teams in it, such as Germany or Brazil.

Even though the two teams are very similar in their capabilities and talent, one has a slight advantage over the other, at least that’s what the experts think today. All this goes assuming that no unexpected factors change these odds for the better on either side.

Japan – Senegal World Cup 2018 Match

Both teams managed to qualify for the World Cup 2018 by winning the qualifying groups, though we can’t say their opponents were particularly noteworthy. Japan did finish with more points than Saudi Arabia and Australia, which were also in the same group.

However, Japan has been losing quite a lot lately regardless of their success in the 2018 World Cup so far. They only won a few matches since 2017.

Senegal, on the other hand, has been doing better. They lost only once match these last few months and in 2017. Some of their opponents were also stronger than Japan’s, which would indicate that Senegal is an outright better team.

Japan – Senegal Group Match Odds

We’re not the only ones to think that Senegal has an upper hand in the match against Japan. Most sports betting sites that offer bets on the outcomes of particular matches also offer larger payouts if you back Japan.

However, the difference is pretty big when comparing different sites. Here’s a single example we found not long ago in one UK sportsbook site online:

  • Japan to win odds: 23/10
  • Odds of a tie: 21/10
  • Senegal to win odds: 7/5

While Senegal is clearly the favourite here, their odds aren’t that big actually. On the bright side, if you think that Senegal will easily win, you will get more from this bet than its worth!

Senegal – Japan Football Team History

Senegal has also performed better in the past of FIFA World Cups. At least if you deem the best run as more important than anything else. While Japan has already participated five times, they have only reached the group of 16 twice.

Senegal has only qualified once before but they got straight to the quarter-finals on their first try. Will the second one be as successful?

When it comes to this match in particular, it seems very likely because, throughout the history of football, Japan has never beaten Senegal before. They did get three chances to do so but only managed to end one match in a tie, while losing the other two.

Japan versus Senegal match isn’t easy to predict, but in most cases, Senegal seems to have better odds this time. They seem to be in better shape today and have never lost to Japan before.