Japan vs Poland

Japan – Poland World Cup match is scheduled on the last day of the group matches in 2018 World Cup. That’s the 28th of June and it might be the last appearance in this year’s tournament for either one of these two teams.

It’s much more likely that Japan will be the one to end their journey after this match though. Although all the national teams in Group H are considered similarly strong to be able to win against their opponents, Poland seems to be the favourite anyway.

With Lewandowski and some other great players in the field and Nawałka as the coach, Poland has done pretty well and is one of the top 20 teams in the world today. They have also finished third in the past while Japan has only reached the group of 16 a few times.

Japan – Poland World Cup 2018 Match

In short, Japan will have a difficult last match when it comes to the group stage. And judging from the opponents the team will have faced beforehand, they will probably not afford a loss, so we’re about to see a truly dramatic encounter.

We can’t deny that Japan will need some luck to win against Poland — a team that has been winning against teams like Denmark and Switzerland. Japan didn’t perform flawlessly in the recent years either and have only won less than half of their matches lately.

On the other hand, Poland will likely try to save some of their energy for the upcoming rounds, which might give some breathing space for Japan to exploit, assuming that they’ll still have a chance to advance at that point.

Poland – Japan Group Match Odds

Looking at sports betting sites we will see that it would be really surprising if Poland lost this match. That would be a great boost of confidence for Japan though, which might be exactly what they need to reach the quarter-finals for the first time ever.

Here are some odds for this match as offered at some sportsbook platforms:

  • Japan to win odds: 18/5
  • Odds of a tie: 12/5
  • Poland to win odds: 20/23

So, if you decided to bet on Poland today, you wouldn’t even get a payout even to your bet, though it is close to that.

Japan – Poland Football Team History

Although the distant history of these two teams playing against one another might not be highly relevant today, it may still reveal some interesting details regarding these two teams and their meeting at World Cup 2018.

So, these two teams have played with one another quite a lot — on seven different occasions. It’s probably not surprising that Poland won most of them. However, Japan did get back at them twice.

What’s more, these two wins are the most recent occasions. While the last one was 16 years ago, Japan managed to defeat Poland by five points one time.

The national teams are completely different today, however, so we’ll have to base our predictions on their current performances instead. Therefore, we repeat our previous assumption that Poland is a much more likely winner.

Japan will probably need to defeat Poland to advance, though it will be difficult judging from the previous performances of these two teams.