Iran vs Spain

The 15th of June 2018 will mark the start of the most prestigious football tournament in the world – the FIFA World Cup. 5 days later, Iran will be playing Spain, and as you may have already guessed, millions of fans will be tuning in to watch this game.

Packed with a whole load of world class star players, all eyes will undoubtedly be on Spain. After all, they are one of the favourites teams to win the whole tournament.

What makes this match extremely interesting is the fact that Iran is going to have as much support as Spain for being the underdogs. Who wouldn’t want to see a small team like Iran take on and beat a football powerhouse like Spain?

Iran vs Spain

The matchup between Iran and Spain may seem to be one sided for many people. On one hand we have the Iranian team that does not have much experience playing in the World Cup and on the other we have Spain who has just recently won the World Cup.

While chances for Iran to win seems pretty bleak, we believe that they still may have a chance of taking the game if they can clinically execute their strategy. On top of that Spain will be playing Portugal first, so there is a chance for Iran to study Spain before getting into a game with them.

That said, here are the official odds for both teams in their upcoming match:

  • Iran – 6%
  • Draw – 15%
  • Spain – 79%

Numbers don’t lie, but they also may not be an accurate representation of the entire situation. For all we know, Iran actually stands a higher chance of drawing of winning this game. The Trump or Brexit phenomenon may occur in this game and take us all by surprise.

Another reason why we think the odds may not be an accurate representation is because of Iran’s last 6 international games. We feel that their track record is almost as good as of Spain’s. Here are the details:

Iran’s last 6 games:

  • Iran vs. Algeria: 2-1 – Win
  • Iran vs. Tunisia: 0-1 – Lose
  • Iran vs. Sierra Leone: 4-0 – Win
  • Iran vs. Venezuela: 1-0 – Win
  • Iran vs. Panama: 2-1 – Win
  • Iran vs. Russia: 1-1 – Draw

Spain’s last 6 games:

  • Spain vs. Argentina: 6-1 – Win
  • Spain vs. Germany: 1-1 – Draw
  • Spain vs. Russia: 3-3 – Draw
  • Spain vs. Costa Rica: 5-0 – Win
  • Spain vs. Israel: 1-0 – Win
  • Spain vs. Albania: 3-0 – Win

A win by Iran will definitely cause a major upset in the Group stages and without doubt will go down in history as one of the most epic matches.  It is going to take more than luck to take down Spain, and we wish them the best of luck.

Iran vs. Spain Betting Odds

Once again, there are going to be no surprises that Spain are going to be the victors of this match. Most of the odds for this match in major bookmakers in the UK say the same thing. If you are planning to bet on this match, here are the average betting odds for both Iran and Spain:

  • Spain – 1/5
  • Draw – 19/4
  • Iran – 18