Iran vs Portugal – Odds, Tips & Predictions

In just over a month’s time, 32 international football teams will travel to Russia to compete in the World Cup 2018, all with their sights firmly set on lifting the trophy at the end. It’s undeniably an exciting time for football fans but it’s also an opportune, and possibly lucrative, moment for sports gamblers too.

The World Cup provides us with hundreds of new football betting options and you can get started right now by placing wagers on the group stage matches. One of these matches is Iran vs Portugal, and this will take place on the 25th of June in the Mordovia Arena in Saransk.

The match will be both teams’ third and final match of the group stages, which means that it could be the deciding game for either team to advance into the round of 16. Read on to find out all you need to know about the match, including the date and time, both team’s odds of advancing out of the group stage, and the odds of both teams winning this match.

Iran vs Portugal World Cup 2018: Date and Time

As we’ve just mentioned, Iran and Portugal will play each other as their third and final match in the group stages of the World Cup 2018. The match will be played in the Mordovia Arena in Saransk, which has a 44,442 spectator capacity and will be the location for three other group matches in the competition.

Iran vs Portugal will take place on Monday the 25th of June, and kick off will be at 20:00 PM (CET).

By the time this match is played, both teams will have already played two matches, against group rivals Spain and Morocco, in the tournament. This makes this match the final chance for both teams achieve a win in the group stages, and to rack up as many goals as possible.

Iran vs Portugal: Group H Odds to Advance

Iran and Portugal will start off the World Cup 2018 in Group B, along with Spain and Morocco. This has been deemed an interesting group to watch as whilst both Spain and Portugal are the favourites to advance, it’d be foolish to rule out Iran just yet.

Both Spain and Portugal will travel to Russia with teams full of star players and both have good international records. That being said, Portugal will no doubt be relying quite heavily on Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also in the running to pick up the top goal scorer Golden Boot prize.

Iran, on the other hand, have enjoyed a very successful qualifying campaign, and are generally considered to be one of the best Asian teams in the tournament.

Iran vs Portugal Winner Betting Odds

At the moment, the betting odds on Portugal vs Iran show that Portugal are the clear favourites to win:

  • Portugal to win: 1/3
  • Iran to win: 19/2
  • Draw: 7/2

Whilst the bookies are almost certain that Portugal will win this match, it does mean there’s no value in placing a bet on Portugal to win. Naturally, this means that there’s great value if you were to back Iran, but the likelihood of that bet paying off is very slim.

Although the odds on both teams to win this match will be sure to change as it draws closer, thanks to the fact that Portugal are considered to be a far superior team to Iran, we can’t imagine they will drift much further. This means that we’d advise you not to place a wager on this match at all, as it’s seeming too predictable at the moment.

Iran vs Portugal: Recent Team Statistics

If you are still wanting to place a wager on this match, then it’s very important that you consider both teams’ recent performances in the World Cup 2018 qualifying stages.


  • In their third qualifying round, Iran won six out of the ten games they played (60%) and drew four.
  • This means that they remained unbeaten throughout the round, and consequently finished in the first place of their qualifying group. This also means that they automatically progressed into the group stages of the 2018 World Cup.
  • Within the ten qualifying games they played, Iran scored a total of 10 goals, yet they also conceded 2 and had three goalless matches.
  • The odds on Iran winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 500/1.


  • In their qualifying stages, Portugal won nine out of the ten games they played (90%), suffering only one loss.
  • This meant that they finished in first position of their group and automatically qualified for the World Cup 2018.
  • Within the ten qualifying games they played, Portugal scored 32 goals, only conceded four and had one goalless match.
  • The odds on Colombia winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 22/1.