Iceland vs Croatia

Iceland and Croatia have already met in the World Cup not long ago. Or, rather, in the qualifications to the World Cup last year. To everyone’s surprise, Iceland even managed to win once after Croatia defeated them a year ago.

That way, Iceland managed to win their qualifier group and go straight to the World Cup 2018. This left Croatia on the brink of dropping out, but they managed to win against Greece and gain the ticket to the tournament after all.

Then, as unlikely as it sounds, Iceland and Croatia were put in the same group again — Group D. The match between these two teams is scheduled on the 26th of June and will be the last match played in that group.

Which team will finally prove itself as a better contender for the World Cup trophy? Let’s find out what the chances are for each of them.

Iceland – Croatia World Cup 2018 Match

Since these two teams are in the same group with Argentina, it is very likely that the match will be a decisive one. One team will probably advance and the other will drop out. That is unless Nigeria outplays them both.

If we compare the national teams of Iceland and Croatia, though, these are amazing in similar ways. So, it isn’t surprising that both have won once against one another in the qualifiers.

What’s unusual is that Iceland has never been great at football and entered the top class competition only recently. In fact, this will be their first ever World Cup, while Croatia has participated in four of them before and even won the 3rd place in 1998.

Iceland – Croatia Group Match Odds

Iceland showed a better than average form and performance in the qualifying rounds and other international matches recently. Croatia did pretty well too, but not as good as they’re capable of.

This brings the two teams closer in the FIFA rankings of the national football teams. But the big question remains: who will win the third time?

Both teams obviously know one another and will try to exploit this knowledge to their advantage. They will also expect the same from the opposing team, which leads to an interesting predicament.

Like most sports betting sites, we’d rather bet on Croatia simply because they have more experience and will probably find better ways to use this situation.

And speaking of sports betting sites, here are the odds for this match as offered today:

  • Iceland to win odds: 4/1
  • Odds of a tie: 5/2
  • Croatia to win odds: 8/11

Croatia – Iceland Football Team History

The two teams have met six times in the World Cup qualifiers. Aside from this year’s example which we covered above, Iceland has never won against Croatia. Out of four earlier matches, three of them ended in Croatia’s victory and one ended in a tie.

This is another reason why the scales are tipped to Croatia’s side. They have simply been a better team for much longer.

Iceland surprised the world by winning against Croatia in the qualifiers. However, the odds are still in favour of Croatia.