France vs Peru

The World Cup officially begins on the 14th of June which is just over a month away! Whilst we’re sure you’re already busy out buying St George’s flags and making sure you know all the words to Three Lions in preparation, we also want to make sure you’re prepared to make the smartest sports bets possible.

The World Cup presents us with hundreds of football betting options and you can get started right now by placing wagers on the group stage matches. One of these matches is France vs Peru, and this will take place on the 21st of June in the Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg.

The match will be the second game both teams play in the tournament, and it looks set to be very interesting as Peru will be pushing to compete with group favourites, France. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the match, including the odds on both teams winning, and how this may impact the odds on each team to advance from the group.

France vs Peru World Cup 2018: Date and Time

As we’ve just mentioned, France and Peru will play their group stage match against each other in the Central Stadium in Yekaterinburg. It will be both teams’ second match in the World Cup 2018, and it is to be played on the seventh day of the competition.

France vs Peru will take place on Thursday 21st of June, and it will kick off at 17:00 PM (CET).

By the time this match takes place, both teams will have already played their first games of the tournament. This will definitely impact the odds on this match, and the overall pressure on the teams to perform, as this could be a crucial game for either team to win to be able to advance into the Round of 16.

France vs Peru: Group C Odds to Advance

France and Peru will start off their World Cup journeys in Group C, along with Denmark and Australia. Group C has already been deemed an interesting group to keep an eye on, as although France are the favourites to advance, Peru and Denmark will be competing against each other to finish second.

Australia are the least likely of the group to progress, which is good news for France who will play them as their first match of the whole World Cup. France are expected to win this match quite easily, and given their star studded squad, we can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. This means that France will already have one win in the bank before they meet Peru in Yekaterinburg.

Contrastingly, Peru will have to play Denmark before playing France. The Danes are the current favourites to win this match, although it’s a close call at the moment. If Peru lose to the Danish international team before playing France, they will be playing with a fresh determination which could definitely impact how many goals are scored and conceded.

France vs Peru Winner Betting Odds

At the moment, the betting odds on Peru vs France show that France are the clear favourites to win:

  • France to win: 1/3
  • Peru to win: 9/1
  • Draw: 18/5

These odds show that the bookmakers are almost certain France will win this match. Whilst this is great news for France supporters, it means that obviously, betting on France to win has no value. Peru to win, therefore, has much longer odds but we think this would be a foolish bet to make when you consider the two teams’ skill and ability levels.

In such a seemingly clear cut match, we’d generally advise any punt would be a wasted bet. However, should you particularly want to place a wager on this match, we’d recommend waiting closer to the time, after the two teams have played their first matches of the competition.

France vs Peru: Recent Team Statistics

If you are still considering placing a bet on France vs Peru, then looking at recent match statistics for both teams could give you the clues you need to beat the bookies.


  • In their qualifying group stage, France won seven out of the ten games they played (70%), drew two and lost the other.
  • This means they finished first within their qualifying group, and automatically progressed to the final group stages.
  • Within the ten qualifying games, France scored a total of 18 goals, conceded 6, and had 2 goalless matches.
  • The odds on France winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 6/1.


  • In their qualifying stages, Peru won seven out of the eighteen games they played (38.89%), drew five and lost six.
  • This meant that they failed to automatically qualify for the 2018 World Cup, and had to play off against New Zealand. They won this match 2-0 on aggravate.
  • Within the eighteen qualifying games, Peru scored 27 times and had five goalless matches.
  • The odds on Peru winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 200/1.