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England vs Panama

Written by Martina | 15th May 2018
Live Betting Expert
Kickoff: 24-06-2018 13:00 UK Time

Who will win in the upcoming clash between England and Panama? Take a look at our expert tips for the best odds of the game here below.

England v Panama, Sunday

Updated: 24.06.2018, 11:00

Harry Kane to score and England to win 2-0, 2-1 or 3-1 7/2 Bet Now Marcus Rashford to score from outside the penalty area 18/1 Bet Now England win 3-1 13/1 Bet Now Jesse Lingard to score and get booked 16/1 Bet Now

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is barely a month away and we have to say that our minds and bodies are absolutely ready for it. Held once in every four years, the World Cup is one of the (if not the most) most prestigious sporting events in the world and is set to attract the eyes of billions of people from around the world.

Without doubt, millions of eyes will be on favourites, England as they play Panama in Russia. As with every other World Cup, we can expect massive amounts of optimism for team England from fans around the world.

That said, we believe that the betting odds will favour England massively, which then makes the bet on Panama a whole lot more worth it. Do you think Panama is being heavily under estimated in their match against England? Read on to find out!

World Cup 2018: England Vs. Panama Match Odds

Cited as one the matches with the most bets, the official odds of the game between England and Panama is as follows:

  • England: 81%
  • Draw: 14%
  • Panama: 5%

Honestly speaking, we feel that the odds are too heavily biased in the favour of England. Yes, they may be the better team overall, but we still feel that the overwhelming support for England has significantly moved the odds too much in their favour.

Is this really a bad thing? Not in our opinion. For those who have higher risk appetites, betting on Panama may be a good decision. We feel that Panama is being heavily underestimated making bets on them tremendously undervalued.

England vs Panama – Profiles


  • First stage Appearances: 14
  • Semifinals Appearances: 2
  • Final Appearance: 1
  • Championship Titles: 1

Gareth Southgate will be heading team England as coach, having inherited all the responsibilities from Sam Allardyce since September 2016. As a former Three Lions defender himself, Southgate was part of England’s World Cup campaigns in 1998 and 2002, leading his country to six consecutive world finals.

The player to keep an eye out for in team England is no other than harry Kane. Glorified as the “complete” player by legend Zinedine Zidane, Kane is one of the world’s best strikers. In six qualifier games alone, he managed to score a staggering five goals!


  • First stage Appearances: 0
  • Semifinals Appearances: 0
  • Final Appearance: 0
  • Championship Titles: 0

Led by coach Hernan Dario Gomez, history has already been made as Panama paves its way to its first ever World Cup appearance. Nicknamed El Bolillo (the Truncheon), Gomez has coached both Colombia and Ecuador in World Cup matches.

The star player in team Panama will be Blas Perez. Having played for his country for over a decade now, he has scored 11 goals in his countries’ qualifying campaigns.

England And Panama Betting Odds

Unsurprisingly, the game between England and Panama is one of the most highly anticipated games in the group stages. That said, we have compiled betting odds for both teams in this match.

  • England: 1/5
  • Draw: 5
  • Panama: 14

Similar to that of the match consensus that we explained earlier, the betting odds seem to favour England heavily as well.

As everyone can expect, England would most probably take this game, but in the event that an upset occurs, a betting payout chaos would be unavoidable.

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