England vs Colombia

harry kane score goalMatch Date: 3rd July 2018
Kick Off Time: 19:00 (GMT)
Stadium: Okritie Arena

With the group stages done and dusted, we now have a definite list of all sixteen teams who have made it through to the knock-out round, and who'll be playing who.

The Round of 16 begins on the 1st of July, and two day's later England will meet Colombia to see who will progress on to the quarterfinals.

The match is to be played in the Okritie Arena in Moscow, and we're certain that there'll an electric atmosphere. Neither team is considered a favourite to win the World Cup 2018, and many doubted both' teams' ability to even advance from their groups.

England have got to this stage in the World Cup 2018 by finishing second in their group, missing the top spot after loosing to Belgium this week.

Colombia, in contrast, topped their Group comfortably having won two of the three games they played. All this considered, it may seem surprising that the current odds look to be firmly in England's favour.

Read on to learn about our match predictions and our expert betting tips, which will provide all the information about which are the best wagers to place on England vs Colombia in the World Cup 2018.


Betting Tips for England vs Colombia

As we've just mentioned, England are the current favourites to win this match.

However, whilst this England-supporting writer would like to say there's no going against the bookies on this one, the results aren't as predictable as some of the other round of 16 matches, leaving you some wiggle room should you want to make a risky bet.

Here's how the current average odds on the match stack up:

  • England Win: 11/10
  • Colombia to Win: 3/1
  • Draw (Before Extra-Time and Penalties): 11/5

The small amount of doubt surrounding this match means that, even as favourites, there's still some value in backing England to win within 90 minutes. We also quite like the odds on a draw before extra-time, as we think this match could go right down to the wire.

Whilst these odds are certainly not boring, many of the more interesting wagers to place on this match are more specialized. Betting markets such as ‘Winning Margin', ‘Correct Score' and ‘Anytime Goalscorer' are full of great odds at the moment and therefore, in our expert opinion, these are the ones to go for.

Read on for betting tips on each of these markets and to take a look at each team's recent form and performances.


Head to Head Statistics

England Colombia
  • England vs Belgium: 0-1 Loss
  • England vs Panama: 6-1 Win
  • Tunisia vs England: 1-2 Win
  • England vs Costa Rica: 2-0 Win
  • England vs Nigeria: 2-1 Win
  • Senegal vs Colombia: 0-1 Win
  • Colombia vs Poland: 3-0 Win
  • Colombia vs Japan: 1-2 Loss
  • Egypt vs Colombia: 0-0 Draw
  • Colombia vs Australia: 0-0 Draw

In addition to looking at each team's stats separately, we can also weigh up the odds by looking at the results from the last five times the teams have played each other.

31 May 2005 England vs Colombia Win to England 3-2 International Friendly
26 Jun 1998 Colombia vs England Win to England 0-2 FIFA World Cup
06 Sep 1985 England vs Colombia Draw 0-0 International Friendly
24 May 1988 England vs Colombia Draw 1-1 Rous Cup
20 May 1970 Colombia vs England Win to England 0-4 International Friendly


Our Match Predictions for England vs Colombia

As the statistics above show, aside from their last match against Belgium, England have been on a winning streak for a while. What's more, as England knew they were already through to the round of 16 before playing Belgium, many of England's star players were missing from the pitch.

Southgate decided to play a young team of inexperienced players to ensure his main starting eleven got the break they deserved. Whilst this, ultimately, could have been the reason the Three Lions lost to Belgium, we do think it was a good decision.

On the other hand, Colombia have had a mixed bag of results this World Cup, beating both Senegal and Poland but losing to Japan. The team looked impressive against Poland, yet they noticeably struggled in their match against Senegal.

They lacked strength midfield which affected how many shots they were able to make. If England can apply pressure to this area of the Colombia team, and follow it through with goals, then their chances of winning look very good.

Specialised Betting Tips

As we mentioned earlier, whilst there is value in a straight forward England to Win bet, we think some of the other markets for this match are much more interesting, and lucrative.

Our expert prediction for this match is that England will win, but it won't be easy. That being said, whilst we're sure England will feel challenged by the Colombian team, we don't they will concede any goals either. This is why we're backing 8/1 odds of the final score being 2-0 to England.

We're also backing England to be strong from the start, and this is why a HT/FT wager on England to be leading throughout the match and win overall would be a smart bet to place.

Here are some of our other favourite wagers to back on this match:

  • England to Win by One Goal: 5/2
  • England  to Win by Two Goals: 5/1
  • England to Win to Nil: 2/1
  • England to Win 2-0: 8/1
  • HT/FT England/England: 12/5


Who Will Score For England?

Harry Kane

There's no doubt in our minds that if Harry Kane is playing in England's match against Colombia, then he'll also be scoring goals. Yep we said goals, as in more than one, too.

Harry Kane has a cracking World Cup 2018 record so far, having scored five goals in just two games. This not only makes his odds on scoring in this game very appealing, but we'd also back him to be Top Goalscorer of the whole competition too.

Odds on Harry Kane to Score Anytime: 6/5

Expected England Line-Up:

England's manager Gareth Southgate used their match against Belgium to rest up some of his first-choice players.

This means that we can expect the line-up to look entirely different to how it was for England's last match, but to be much the same as when England played Tunisia in their first match of the tournament.

Goalkeeper: Pickford

Defenders: Maguire, Stones, Walker

Midfielders: Henderson, Young, Alli, Trippier, Lingard

Forwards: Kane, Sterling


Who Will Score For Colombia?

Radamel Falcao

Although we don't think a Colombian goal is likely in this match (remember, we're backing odds for England to win 2-0), if anyone is going to score one it's Radamel Falcao.

Falcao is the record goalscorer for the Colombia team, having racked up 30 goals in 75 games. He's scored once already at this year's World Cup, against Poland, and fans will certainly we hoping for another from ‘El Tigre' in this knock-out stage match.

Expected Colombia Line-Up:

Colombia's manager José Pékerman has been keeping the formation of the squad and his starting pretty much the same throughout the tournament.

Although he does sometimes start other players, we can expect the line-up against England to looks similar to how it did against Senegal.

Goalkeeper: Ospina

Defenders: Mojica, Sanchez, Mina, Arias

Midfielders: Uribe, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Quintero, Cuadrado

Forwards: Falcao

Will There Be a Penalty or Red Cards?

A penalty in this game looks very likely, but a red card less so. Penalties have been given out in abudance in this World Cup, mainly thanks to the use of new VAR technology. The Video Asssistant Referee allows the referee to watch back any serious conflicts and, as many of these have happened inside the penalty box, award a penalty if neccessary.

Current Odds on A Penalty Being Awarded in the England vs Colombia Match: 7/4

Whilst we think a red card is very unlikely in this match, you never know what will happen. Coaches from both sides will disciplined their players about recieving red and yellow cards as these could lead to a one match ban, meaning they'd miss the quarter-finals.

Current Odds on There Being a Sending Off in the England vs Colombia Match: 19/5