Denmark vs France

The last matches of Group C in the World Cup 2018 will take place on the 26th of June. One of the matches, starting at 5 PM, will feature the national football teams of Denmark and France.

Both Hareide’s and Deschamps’ teams are among the very best in the world today. However, France has always performed better at FIFA World Cups.

In fact, both teams made their best performances back in 1998. Back then, France had won the tournament and Denmark reached quarter-finals for the first time.

Whether the same or similar scenario will repeat itself this year highly depends on the outcome of this match. Though it’s probably going to be more important to Denmark than France.

Denmark – France World Cup 2018 Match

Along with these two teams, Peru is also in the same group and it can give a hard time for both of these teams. While most people don’t doubt that France will advance further, some say that Denmark might not do so due to Peru, which has been showing great gameplay recently.

Therefore, depending on the previous matches, Denmark might need to win this match, so they’ll probably go all-in and do whatever it takes to get at least one point to add to the group table.

The Danish seem ready for it too as they have barely lost any matches during the recent years, even if their international opponents haven’t been as strong as France is.

France has been doing pretty well too. However, they have lost to Colombia this March, so there’s still space for improvement.

Denmark – France Group Match Odds

Since France is one of the main contenders to take the trophy from Germany, it isn’t surprising that the odds are in their favour.

Most sports betting sites that accept bets on World Cup 2018 group matches favour France quite significantly. Here are the odds you might find today if you decided to place a bet on this match:

  • Denmark to win odds: 11/2
  • Tie odds: 14/5
  • France to win odds: 6/10

In other words, you wouldn’t even get the amount that you bet if you chose France and they actually won.

Then again, both teams have some top class players that are known very well worldwide and well-trained teams in general. So Denmark can still win and that probably wouldn’t be called ‘a miracle’ either.

France – Denmark Football Team History

This match is going to be the 14th time these two teams meet in an international setting. Unsurprisingly, France has won against Denmark eight times before, while Denmark has only won half as much.

What’s more, during the last twenty years, Denmark has won only once while France has done so six times. But this is all just statistics and the last game these two teams played together was in 2015.

The teams have changed quite a lot since, so it’s a new opportunity for Denmark to prove their capability, even if it isn’t going to be any easier than before.

Denmark and France are both very capable teams. However, France is a clear favourite in this match as well as the whole tournament.