Denmark vs Australia

Denmark vs Australia will be the third-to-last match of the Group C team in the FIFA World Cup 2018. It will take place on 21st June 2018 and will promise to be one hell of a match. But who should you bet on to win?

While everyone recovers from the result of the England vs Tunisia match, you can put all your bets on this game to help in the recovery process.

Let us take a look at who will likely come out on top in one of Group C’s final matches.

Denmark vs Australia Match World Cup 2018

Like all matches in the first round, it will be a significant match for both teams. Not only will it qualify them for the next round, but it will determine which team will be among the best of Group C.

As a more casual footie fan, it’s hard to imagine just how each team will stack up against each other. This is why we’re here; to give you the odds you need to know before making that first bet:

  • Denmark — 9/10
  • Draw — 17/4
  • Australia — 45/17

In plain terms, it would appear Denmark is the more likely team to emerge victorious in the match against Australia. The best Australia can hope for is a draw but that won’t mean they get a place in the next round. Denmark are, clearly, a far superior team.

With good players on their side and a history of winning more matches than Down Under, Denmark is the more likely candidate to go onto the next round into the World Cup. We won’t say they’ll win the World Cup, but it would make an interesting outcome if they did.

On the odds of their Group C match, however, betting on Denmark would be the safer bet as you’re more likely to get a return. What about the Group C best team, though? Will Australia still come out on top?

Denmark vs Australia Group Match Odds

Denmark is generally considered to be a fair team to play against. Australia, on the other hand, could be considered the underdog. And no, that isn’t a pun on their geographical positioning.

However, when you compare the odds against the other Group C teams, it’s a bit grim:

  • Denmark — 6/1
  • France — 1/3
  • Peru — 23/2
  • Australia — 33/1

It would seem France have the strongest odds to win the World Cup in Group C but Denmark could come out on top as the best team overall.

Surprisingly, Peru have more of a chance than Australia which is something we’d never have considered. Not that we think Peru are rubbish in anyway… We just assumed Australia had more football prowess. Evidently not.

Denmark vs Australia Football Team History

Talking of team history, Denmark and Australia have both got a fairly impressive backlog of wins. At least, Denmark has at any rate. Australia have had a few wins but in recent years their record’s not been too great.

We wish both teams the best of luck, however, and hope they do well, particularly if you’re betting on Australia.

TL;DR — Denmark is likely to beat Australia due to the odds but that by no means makes Australia a bad team to support!