Croatia vs Russia

Luka Modric Croatia Goalscorer

Stadium: Fisht Olympic Stadium

Kick-off: 19:00 PM (UK time)

Round: Quarter Final

Last match:

Croatia 1 – 1 Denmark
Russia 1 – 1 Spain

Top Players:

Croatia: Luka Modrić
Russia: Igor Akinfeev

It would appear, by these numbers alone, that Russia and Croatia are on equal footing. Both teams, after all, drew one-all with Denmark and Spain. However, it isn’t always the last match they played in that forms the contributing factor. According to our experts, Croatia are likely to beat Russia on their home turf.

Betting Tips for Croatia vs Russia

This year’s FIFA World Cup is turning out to be one of the most unpredictable we’ve ever seen! With the first stage and the final sixteen stage coming to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the quarter finals. So far, we’ve experienced plenty of surprising outcomes to matches we never expected, in particular South Korea’s enormous triumph over Germany.

We think the rest of the competition will be a doozy too, especially when two great teams (Croatia and Russia) will be competing against one another in the quarter final. Their match will take place on the 7th July at 19:00 UK time. We’re sure this game will have plenty of stuff happening that will shock and surprise us all.

Our bet is on Croatia to win, as all our calculations point to that outcome. Read to find out about all the best betting tips and odds on the Croatia vs Russia World Cup match!

To show you just how likely Croatia’s will  beat Russia, here are our expert betting odds demonstrating this outcome.

Our Expectations – Outcome/Winer

After calculating the average percentages, this is the probability on all three potential outcomes of the match:

Croatia Draw Russia
42% 31% 27%

It would seem the best Russia could hope for is a draw. Perhaps then, they could win the match point based on penalties. In all likelihood, however, it would appear Croatia have the edge overall. Not an ideal position for Russia, we must say.

But 27% is not a small percentage — it’s almost a third of the 100% outcome! Perhaps they have more or a chance than we may believe.

Our predicted outcome — Croatia will most likely win the match.

Head to Head Statistics

In case the numbers don’t do it for you, we’ve decided to share our machinations behind our odds for this World Cup game. Some in depth data will hopefully shed light on the fact that Croatia clearly have the upper hand.

Last 5 Match States – Match Predictions

In all betting odds, all the best numbers are made thanks to some expert calculations and analyses made by the sports betting site. On the other hand, even a novice can glance at some fixtures and notice patterns and trends. This is why we tend to look at the last five matches each team has played. That way, it’s recent enough to get a good idea how well they will do.

Here’s a full list of the last five matches Croatia took part in:

08/06/18 Friendly  Croatia 2 – 1 Senegal
16/06/18 World Cup Croatia 2 – 0 Nigeria
21/06/18 World Cup Argentina 0 – 3 Croatia
26/06/18 World Cup Iceland 1 – 2 Croatia
01/06/18 World Cup Croatia 1 – 1 Denmark


And here is the last five matches Russia took part in:

05/06/18 Friendly Russia 1 – 1 Turkey
14/06/18 World Cup Russia 5 – 0 Saudi Arabia
19/06/18 World Cup Russia 3 – 1 Egypt
25/06/18 World Cup Uruguay 3 – 0 Russia
01/06/18 World Cup Spain 1 – 1 Russia


If we’re going on numbers alone, you can see that both teams have the same amount of goals between them. However, if you look a bit closer, you’ll notice that Crotia have won four out of five matches and draw in one. Russia, on the other hand, won three out of five, lost one and drew one.

Bearing in mind also that Russia was not pitted against the more challenging teams in the game. Their victory against Saudi Arabia may seem impressive on paper but in reality, Saudi are pretty naff so any victory over them will seem impressive.

Who Will Score for Croatia?

Going into the quarter finals, Croatia will remain optimistic but wary. Russia aren’t as good as them perhaps but they are not to be underestimated. And seeing as both teams drew on their last match, they ought to not take too many risks.

Expected Line-up

Here is who we believe will be chosen to play for Croatia against Russia on 7th July, handpicked by us:

Danijel Subašić     Goalkeeper
Vedran Ćorluka Defender
Domagoj Vida Defender
Šime Vrsaljko Defender
Luka Modrić  Midfielder
Ivan Rakitić Midfielder
Marcelo Brozovic Midfielder
Mateo Kovačić Midfielder
Mario Mandžukić Forward
Marko Pjaca  Forward
Ante Rebic Forward


Coach — Zlatko Dalić

As you can see, all these players will be integral to helping Croatia reach the semi-finals. Here is who we think will be the best players of the match:

  • Luka Modrić
  • Mario Mandžukić
  • Domagoj Vida

All these men take up a vital role on the team, especially Modrić who is reportedly Crotia’s best midfielder in many a long time. We are sure that, if the manager, Dalić is smart, he will choose these three at the very most to take part in this match.

Who Will Score for Russia?

Russia ought to be much more cautious as they are, firstly, on their home turf so it will be a bit embarrassing if they lost, and secondly, they have set themselves up after beating Saudi Arabia so spectacularly. They need all they can get to defeat Croatia.

Expected Line-Up

Here is who we predict will be on the Russian side of the field in their match against Croatia, all handpicked by us:

Igor Akinfeev     Goalkeeper
Vladimir Granat Defender
Ruslan Kambolov Defender
Fedor Kudryashov Defender
Yuri Gazinskiy Midfielder
Alexsandr Golovin Midfielder
Alan Dzagoev Midfielder
Roman Zobnin Midfielder
Artem Dzyuba Forward
Aleksey Miranchuk Forward
Fedor Smolov Forward


Coach — Stanislav Cherchesov

Betting odds might seem to be more in favour of the other team, but the Russians will have Igor Akinfeev as their keeper (we hope) meaning that Croatia will have a hard time scoring. Aside from him, here’s who else we think will be top Russian players of the tournament:

  • Igor Akinfeev
  • Alexsandr Golovin
  • Roman Zobnin

Yes, the Russian coach has a lot cut out for him. However, if he is wise enough to have these three players in his team then Russia won’t have too hard a time in the match against Croatia.

Will There Be Penalty or Red Cards?

As we are dealing with a World Cup that has shocked us to our core in its first round, it’s much harder to predict penalties, offsides or even red cards. In any case, we tried out best with how such outcomes will play out in the Russia vs Croatia match.

Here are our odds on those outcomes:

Croatia – 40%
Russia – 32%

Yellow card:
Croatia – 30%
Russia – 7%

Red card:
Croatia – 12%
Russia – 2%

This concludes our betting on the Russia vs Croatia match! We believe Croatia will win again Russia but then again anything could happen.