Colombia vs Japan

With the World Cup looming on us now, the football hype is now growing at a rate that we have never seen before. One of the hot topics when it comes to the World Cup is the upcoming match between Colombia and Japan.

This match will be played on the 19th of June in the Mordovia Arena Russia. One thing for sure, millions of eyes will be on Japan. Dubbed as the hope of Asia, loads of resources and support has been showered onto the Japanese team for their success.

So, which team are you trusting your money with? Let’s quickly analyze both the teams to find out who has better odds.

World Cup 2018: Odds For The Colombia And Japan Match

Numbers don’t lie. That said, let’s not beat around the bush with the odds. The official odds for the Colombia vs. Japan match is as follows:

  • Colombia: 54%
  • Draw: 27%
  • Japan: 19%

We can totally understand why the odds are very much I the favour of Colombia. Having reached the quarter finals in the previous World Cup, the Colombian team will definitely be aiming to do better. On top of that, comparatively to Japan, the Colombian team has also performed more consistently in their previous matches.

Japan however, area very clinical team. More often than not, they come into a game with a strategy and try to execute it as clinically as possible. For instance, their execution in the qualifications against teams like Australia and Saudi Arabia has been perfect.

With a significant goal difference advantage, they pretty much qualified without putting in much effort. We suppose, a good game strategy goes a long way.

Colombia and Japan Betting Odds

All of the odds in major bookmakers around the world reflect the official odds of the match between Colombia and Japan very well. The general consensus for the odds of this match are as follows:

  • Colombia: 4/5
  • Draw: 12/5
  • Japan: 19/5

These odds heavily favour Colombia, and is not surprising. As mentioned previously, they have had a consistent run lately, and one of the reasons for that is because of their quality players.

Take James Rodriguez for instance. Not only did he play a monumental role in Colombia’s qualifying match against Brazil, he is also a highly sought after player within La Liga.

But then again, the same can be said for the majority of players in the Japanese Squad. Players Asano, Kagawa, Hasebe, Kawashima, Muto, Okazaki, Osako, and Sakai play in world class teams in the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga. Quality games are pretty much part and parcel of their lifes.

In our opinion, if Japan can execute their game strategy, Colombia will have a hard time winning this match. Nevertheless, we feel that this match will be a close one and will undoubtedly be one of the more exciting matches in Group H.


Whilst the chances for Colombia to proceed towards later matches in the World Cup is at an all-time high, we wouldn’t take anything for granted either. Japan is still very much a formidable team and is totally capable of causing an upset.