Brazil vs Switzerland

Brazil and Switzerland will be among the third batch of teams to play in the FIFA World Cup 2018, and their match will occur on 17th June. As a matter of fact, they will be part of the Group E, one of the latter teams to play off against each other.

We anticipate that this is a long-awaited match simply because Brazil, a world-class team will be playing. Betting on them will be a good option as they will almost certainly win the cup.

But would betting on Switzerland be a waste of time? Let’s take a look at their odds and find out.

Brazil/Switzerland Match World Cup 2018

This match will be particularly significant for both Brazil and Switzerland. It will be the one factor that will ensure if either team are good enough to head into the next round, which means they’ll be that much closer to winning the World Cup 2018.

Brazil need no introduction, really. Even the most casual football fans know that they are a formidable team with strong players. Does Switzerland stand a chance? Here are the official odds to bet on for their upcoming standoff:

  • Brazil— 70%
  • Draw — 20%
  • Switzerland — 10%

Pretty emphatic, don’t you think? It’s clear just by looking at these numbers that Brazil will thrash Switzerland. And these numbers are based on past performances and their history in the World Cup so far, meaning the number is based somewhat in fact.

However, this by no means signifies you should never bet on Switzerland. On the contrary, you can bet on them making the first offside or scoring the first goal. Unlikely but much likelier than them winning outright.

So that’s the odds on their match, but what about group odds? Will Switzerland have some kind of triumph after all?

Brazil/Switzerland Group Match Odds

Brazil is, naturally, chosen to be one of the top favourites to win the World Cup. It seems unlikely, given the odds of their match, Switzerland will be up there beside them. However, there is still the Group E winner to peruse over.

Here are the odds of getting excellent results from the group matches:

  • Brazil — 2/5
  • Tie — 9/4
  • Switzerland— 7/1

Once again, brazil on top game but it appears Switzerland have a stronger chance than might have assumed.

Then again, never say never. Brazil might have an off-day and lose spectacularly in their primary match. You never know.

For all intents and purposes, however, it seems as though Brazil will be top dog throughout the entire competition.

Brazil/Switzerland Football Team History

As we’ve said, brazil almost needs no introduction. They have won the World Cup not just once but several times before. They live and breathe football so it’s little wonder as to why they practically win every match they play in.

Switzerland, one the other hand, may not be World Cup winners but their history is still impressive either way. It’s enough for bettors to want to put odds on them at any rate.

TL;DR — Brazil  is almost certainly going to thrash Switzerland due to odds and it probably won’t change!