Belgium vs Tunisia

Chances are if you’re reading this guide, you’re already aware of the fact that the World Cup 2018 will be upon us in just over a month’s time. The competition officially kicks off on the 14th of June and in this series of posts we’re looking at all of the group stage matches in detail, to give you an opportunity to beat the bookies before the World Cup gets underway.

On the 23rd of June, Belgium and Tunisia will both play their second match of the competition, against each. The Belgium vs Tunisia group stage match will take place in the Otkrytie Arena and whilst it seems almost certain that Belgium will win, there are important factors to consider before placing a wager.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about this match, including how both teams have been performing recently and how the odds on each team winning are shaping up.

Belgium vs Tunisia World Cup 2018: Date and Time

Belgium and Tunisia will play their group stage match against each other in the World Cup 2018 at the Otkrytie Arena in Moscow. The stadium, which is also referred to as the Spartak Stadium, has a capacity of 45,360 spectators and will be to location of three other group stage matches during the competition.

Belgium vs Tunisia will be played on Saturday the 23rd of June, and will kick off at 14:00 PM (CET).

As both teams will have already made their World Cup 2018 debuts by the time this match takes place, the results of these previous matches could definitely impact both of the teams’ attitudes and the betting odds for this match.

Belgium vs Tunisia: Group G Odds to Advance

Belgium and Tunisia belong to Group G in this year’s World Cup, along with England and Panama. The group is being closely scrutinized by the British press and bookmakers, naturally, and Belgium are the favourites to advance at the moment.

Belgium will be travelling to Russia with a team full of star players, and the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard will be sure to maximise the country’s winning potential. England are the second favourites to advance with them, but many tipsters and pundits are reluctant to rule out Tunisia’s chances of advancing just yet.

By the time this match takes place, Belgium will have already played Panana, where they are expected to win, and Tunisia will have already played England. Whilst we have all of our fingers (and toes) crossed for England to win their match against Tunisia, predicting the results is no mean feat at the moment.

Whilst Tunisia are unlikely to beat Belgium in this match, they will be attempting to bag as many goals as possible. This is because they will be in tight competition with England for the second spot to advance to the round of 16, and so goal difference at the end of the group stages could give them the edge.

Belgium vs Tunisia Winner Betting Odds

At the moment, the betting odds on Tunisia vs Belgium show that Belgium are the clear favourites to win:

  • Belgium to win: 1/4
  • Tunisia to win: 13/1
  • Draw: 17/4

Whilst the bookies are clearly very certain Belgium will win this match that does mean there’s no value in backing them. On the other hand, given Belgium’s form, we wouldn’t want to risk backing Tunisia to win either.

Whilst the prior matches both teams play will be sure to influence these odds nearer the time, thanks to the fact that Belgium are considered a much superior team, we can’t see them drifting much further. In all honesty, therefore, we’d refrain from placing a wager on this match at all, unless an obvious reason why Belgium will lose comes to light in the run up to the event.

Belgium vs Tunisia: Recent Team Statistics

If you are still considering placing a wager on this match, then looking at both teams’ current form and recent performances could help you beat the bookies.


  • In their qualifying group stages, Belgium won nine out of the ten games they played (90%), and drew the other one. This means they remained undefeated throughout the qualifying stages, and sailed straight through the group stages of the competition.
  • Within the ten qualifying matches played, Belgium scored a whopping total of 49 goals and conceded a mere six.
  • The odds on Belgium winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 10/1.


  • In their qualifying group stage, Tunisia won four out of the six games they played (66%), and drew the other too. This means that, like Belgium, they remained undefeated through the qualifying stages and sailed straight through to the group stages of the competition
  • Within the six qualifying games, Tunisia scored a total of 11 goals, conceded 4, and had 1 goalless match.
  • The odds on Tunisia winning the World Cup 2018 stand at around 500/1.