Belgium vs Panama

FIFA World Cup 2018 is beginning very soon and it will be no time before the group matches play out. So, if you don’t want to feel like you’ve missed something, start watching those matches from the day one, which is the 15th of June.

On the 18th of June, matches for Group G will start as well, and the very first of those will be between Belgium and Panama. It’ll also be arguably the most difficult match for Panama in the tournament.

The reasons for that are obvious if you have even a basic understanding of the teams and their potential.

Belgium is one of the top teams, unlike Panama. They are on the opposite side of the spectrum — among the lowest ranking teams to participate in the tournament. But we wouldn’t be watching football if everything was that easy, right?

Belgium Panama Match World Cup 2018

Group G consists of four teams which, aside from the aforementioned two, include England and Tunisia.

Taking a look at all these teams, Panama’s national team coach Roberto Martínez probably realizes that to advance, they’ll have to beat either Belgium or England (and, of course, Tunisia).

Having that in mind, Panama might save their strength for the easier matches as Belgium is a formidable opponent indeed. They’re the 5th best team in the world for a reason, after all.

In short, it would be a miracle if Panama won against Belgium and in their first ever World Cup appearance, too! As amazing as this sounds, it is very unlikely.

Let’s take a look at the performance of both teams recently.

  • Belgium

Belgium hasn’t lost a single international match since the autumn of 2016. And they’ve played against the likes of Mexico, Greece, Netherlands and Czech Republic. Some of these matches ended up in a tie, but that’s still impressive.

  • Panama

On the other hand, Panama lost quite a bit. In fact, they’ve won less than half of their international football matches these past few years.

Belgium Panama Group Match Odds

Considering all that, the odds offered at sports betting sites regarding this match are pretty self-explanatory:

  • Belgium to win odds: 1/4
  • Tie odds: 9/2
  • Panama to win odds: 14/1

Few other matches have such a difference of opposite odds. So, if we were in your place, we wouldn’t support Panama as the likelihood of that being a winning bet is simply too small.

On the other hand, it’s an easy way to win a little bit by betting on Belgium. If you decide to do that, though, do it as soon as possible cause the odds can grow even further as the match draws nearer.

Panama Belgium Football Team History

It’s not the first time in this FIFA World Cup where the opposing teams meet each other for the first time in history. That’s precisely the case between Belgium and Panama.

Panama might have had a chance against Belgium some time in history, but now is the worst possible time to meet this team as it’s one of the major contenders to win the trophy this year.

It will take a miracle for Panama to beat Belgium, but this also means a good chance for you to win a little more by betting on the obviously stronger team.