Belgium vs Japan

Shinji Kagawa Japan world Cup

It would seem by these numbers alone that Belgium would come out on top, given their last match with England. These numbers would also lead you to believe that they victory will also be a small one. However, according to our odds, Belgium are more likely to utterly thrash Japan.

Stadium: Rostov Arena

Kick-off: 19:00 PM (UK time)

Round: Last 16

Last match:
Belgium 1 – 0 England
Japan 0 – 1 Poland

Top Players:
Belgium: Romelu Lukaku
Japan: Keisuke Honda

That was a close call! The first stage of the FIFA World Cup 2018 is finally finished and all remaining sixteen teams will move onto the next round.

So far, there have been many twist and turns including the surprising, record-breaking victory of England over Panama and the shocking defeat of Germany against South Korea.

Hopefully the rest of the tournament will be just as exciting. Two of teams expected to play  (Belgium and Japan) will be competing against one another on the 2nd July at 19:00 UK time.

We’re sure this match will have its many twists and turns just like the first round.

But our bet is on Belgium to win, as our expert betting odds dictate this outcome. Read to find out about all the best betting tips and odds on the Belgium vs Japan World Cup match!

Betting Tips for Belgium vs Japan

To show you just how much the odds are in Belgium’s favour, here’s our expert betting odds on the matter.

Our Expectations – Outcome/Winer

Given the average percentages, this is how we think the likeliness of each outcome will play out:

  • Belgium – 67%
  • Draw – 21%
  • Japan – 12%

Pretty adamant figures, right? And no, we’re not biased in Belgium’s favour at all. Quite the contrary — they beat England, after all. The best that Japan could do is aim for a draw but even this is far less likely than an outright Belgian win.

Still, 12% is not 0% and Japan theoretically could beat Belgium as South Korea beat Germany. However, that feels more like a once-in-a-blue moon occurrence and it seems extremely unlikely such an incident will happen again.

Our predicted outcome — Belgium will almost certainly win the match.

Head to Head Statistics

You may be unconvinced by our opinions on who may win this World Cup match. So, to demonstrate how we came to the above conclusions, we’re going to show you a bit more data that will hopefully satisfy your scepticism.

Last 5 Match States – Match Predictions

In many expertly made betting odds, the best figures come about when you look at a team’s history and past performances in matches they’ve taken part in. Not their entire history, you understand, but their more recent victories and defeats. We never usually go beyond the last five matches.

Here’s a full list of the last five matches Belgium participated in:

06/06/18 Friendly  Belgium 3 – 0 Egypt
11/06/18 Friendly Belgium 4 – 1 Costa Rica
18/06/18 World Cup Belgium 3 – 0 Panama
23/06/18 World Cup Belgium 5 – 2 Tunisia
28/06/18 World Cup England 0 – 1 Belgium


And here is the last five matches Japan took part in:

08/06/18 Friendly Switzerland 2 – 0 Japan
12/06/18 Friendly Japan 4 – 2 Paraguay
19/06/18 World Cup Colombia 1 – 2 Japan
24/06/18 World Cup Japan 2 – 2 Senegal
28/06/18 World Cup Japan 0 – 1 Poland


The numbers speak for themselves really. Five wins and no losses for Belgium with one win, a draw and three losses for Japan. Which is the better team? Even a monkey can figure it out. Hence where all expert betting odds dictate Belgium to be the victor.

Who Will Score for Belgium?

Belgium will definitely be on a high note going into the next round after narrowly beating England in their last match.

They ought to be wary, though, as it was probably not a victory they wanted and it will definitely put them on their toes.

Expected Line-up

Here is who we believe will be chosen to play for Belgium against Japan on 7th July, handpicked by us:

Thibaut Courtois Goalkeeper
Jan Vertonghen Defender
Dedryck Boyata Defender
Thomas Vermaelen Defender
Marouane Fellaini Midfielder
Mousa Dembele Midfielder
Axel Witsel Midfielder
Eden Hazard Midfielder
Romelu Lukaku Forward
Dries Mertens Forward
Michy Batshuayi Forward


Coach — Roberto Martinez

You can see here that all these players will be vital to helping Belgium reach the final. Here is who we predict will be the top players of the match:

  • Thibaut Coutois
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Eden Hazard

They all take up massively important roles in the grand scheme of things for the Belgium team and each player has their own unique skillset which their position is best suited for. Let’s hope manager Martinez knows what he’s doing and will choose them wisely.

Who Will Score for Japan?

Japan will be a bit more cautious and maybe even a little defeated from their loss against Poland. However, they shouldn’t let this get them down. They are one of the best Asian teams, though, so perhaps they won’t go down as easily as imagined.

Expected Line-up

Here is who we predict will be on the Japanese side of the playing field in their match against Belgium, all handpicked by us:

Eiji Kawashima     Goalkeeper
Yuto Nagatomo Defender
Tomoaki Makino Defender
Wataru Endo Defender
Makoto Hasebe Midfielder
Keisuke Honda Midfielder
Takashi Inui Midfielder
Shinji Kagawa Midfielder
Shinji Okazaki Forward
Yuya Osako Forward
Yoshinori Muto Forward


 Coach — Akira Nashino

Betting odds may seem out of favour for the Japanese team now but if their coach, Nashino, picks the best players he has, they will almost certainly be brought forward into the next round. If they’re really lucky, they might even go on into the semi-final. They’d be even more so, with these three on the field:

  • Eiji Kawashima
  • Wataru Endo
  • Yuya Osako

We think these will be the best that Japan has to offer. It would be wise to bring them to the match as the Japanese coach will need all he can to make progress in the World Cup. In the meantime, this is how we had formed out expert betting odds.

Will There Be Penalty or Red Cards?

Seeing as so many unprecedented stuff has happened in the first round of the tournament already, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that even more unexpected events will pass through this tournament as it goes on.

As for this match in particular, it’s hard to estimate the likelihood of either team earning a panlty or a red card, but we’ll have a go regardless.

Here are our odds on those outcomes:

  • Penalty:
    • Belgium – 32%
    • Japan – 25%
  • Yellow card:
    • Belgium – 25%
    • Japan – 5%
  • Red card:
    • Belgium – 15%
    • Japan – 2%

This concludes our betting on the Japan vs Belgium match! We believe Belgium will wipe the floor with Japan but then you never know.