Argentina vs Iceland

Argentina and Iceland will be among the second batch of matches to play in the FIFA World  Cup in 2018, their match taking place on 16th June. They will, in fact, be part of the Group D, one of the first to play off against each other.

While many anticipate the arrival of the England v Tunisia match, they can be sure to witness the glorious battle between two epic national teams.

Which would be more sensible to bet on? Let’s take a look and find out.

Argentina/Iceland Match World Cup 2018

This match will be especially important for both Argentina and Iceland as it will determine whether they are good enough to go into the next round, meaning they’ll be one step closer to the World Cup.

Argentina already has a pretty sturdy reputation for being a super strong team so betting on them would be sensible. But what about Iceland? Here are their official odds in their upcoming match:

  • Argentina— 71%
  • Draw — 21%
  • Iceland — 8%

Yes, to be frank, it seems Argentina will flatten Iceland. This is based purely on their backlog of victories and all their other accomplishments to date. The same goes for Iceland, but it seems much less likely that they will triumph.

This by no means indicates you can never bet on Iceland. You just have to approach it from a different angle. What if Iceland score the first goal of the match or make the first offside? That’s still something to bet on.

So those are the odds of their match in particular. But what about the group odds? Will Iceland still see a victory after all?

Argentina/Iceland Group Match Odds

Argentina is pegged for being one of the top five to win the World Cup so it seems unlikely we’ll see Iceland there with them. This by no means, however, Iceland will lose the competition.

Let’s have a look at the odds of them getting good results from the group matches:

  • Argentina — 1/2
  • Tie — 9/4
  • Iceland— 14

It seems like Argentina are once again on top game, so much so that the other teams in Group D including Iceland don’t stand a chance against them.

On the other hand, nothing is impossible, so Argentina may have a string of bad luck and end up losing it all. Not that we want them to.

For what it’s worth, however, it seems like they’ve got the edge over all the other Group D teams and may even stand a chance of winning the World Cup.

Argentina/Iceland Football Team History

Argentina has an astounding history with playing football, having won countless tournaments both at home and abroad.

Iceland, while also pretty extensive, has a less impressive history which explains their odds against Argentina. That isn’t to say they’re a bad team, however. They could still end up winning a few goals.

TL;DR — Argentina  is almost certainly going to beat Iceland due to odds but that could change depending on circumstances!