Argentina vs Croatia

On the 21st of June Argentina and Croatia will face each other on a FIFA World Cup match in Group D. It’s going to be the third match of the group and the second one for both teams in this year’s tournament.

What are the odds of each team winning? And why are they different? These are all the questions we will aim to answer for you today and help you decide which team to bet on if you’re a punter looking to use the opportunity and win some cash at sportsbook sites this summer.

Argentina – Croatia World Cup 2018 Match

As you probably know, Argentina is considered one of the best football teams in the world right now. And that’s not just because they have Lionel Messi in front. The whole team is truly talented and ready to claim that trophy for the first time since Diego Maradona.

Croatia will have a tough time cracking this nut, though they shouldn’t be underestimated either. They have won the third place once, back in 1998, and are in the top 20 teams according to the FIFA rating today.

Regarding the performance of these two teams for the last year or two, both of them have actually been losing quite a bit. Then again, they were playing many friendlies against their equals.

During these years, Argentina has won against world-class teams like:

  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Colombia

While Croatia has also raked some impressive wins against:

  • Mexico (twice)
  • Iceland
  • Spain

So, both teams have a fair chance during this match too. If you want to learn the odds more specifically, you can also look at the odds offered by sports betting sites online.

Argentina – Croatia Group Match Odds

Navigating to any UK sports betting site, you should be able to find at least one market related to World Cup 2018. Not all may allow betting on single matches, but those that do will offer odds similar to these:

  • Argentina to win odds: 10/11
  • Tie odds: 23/10
  • Croatia to win: 7/2

This is because, naturally, Argentina shows higher skill and more talent, plus it is more resourceful than Croatia. While the latter team has a really strong forward, Argentina can simply do wonders sometimes.

That’s exactly what the fans are expecting them to do, too.

Besides, Argentina qualified to the tournament from the first round. Croatia, on the other hand, was very close to dropping out. It all came down to a match against Greece where the winner proceeded to the World Cup.

Croatia – Argentina Football Team History

Croatia played against Argentina a number of times. Interestingly enough, they had three friendly matches and each one ended differently, though the total score over all three matches is 4-4. Both teams have won once and ended one match in a draw.

The statistical tiebreaker is the fourth match they played — this time in 1998 FIFA World Cup. The most important match of them all ended in Argentina’s victory with the minimal score 1-0. It was also a group match.

Anyway, Argentina had the upper hand before, and it seems like they will probably prove that they’re a better team once again.

Argentina and Croatia are both amazing teams, but the former is plain better, so it will take the full dedication of Croatians and possibly some luck to win this one.