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World Cup 2018 Groups

Written by Martina | 14th May 2018
Live Betting Expert

Ole, ole, ole! The biggest sporting event, World Cup 2018 is drawing closer and the football frenzy is heating up! We have all waited four years for this legendary sporting event and everyone is getting antsy. Bookies, punters and sports fans alike are drawing their bets on who will win the World Cup. The second most exciting sports betting market are the group stage betting. Read on to learn about how it works and which team to bet on.

How Does It Work?

For absolute newbies, here is how the World Cup 2018 line up works. There are a total of 32 nations vying for the 2018 World Cup title. These nations have been drawn into eight groups of four teams each. Each team will then face the other three teams in their group on a round-robin basis.

The rankings of each teams are determined by the points obtained in all group matches, goal difference and number of goals scored. The top two teams in each group will advance to the round of 16.

Group Stage Betting

Browse through bookmakers’ websites now and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of different markets you can bet on.

After all, it is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world and the largest sports betting event. At Group Stage alone, there are various betting options for punters:

  • Group Winner — Which team will rise to the top?
  • Group Qualifier — Which of the two teams in each group will move onto World Cup quarter finals? Likewise, you can bet on which teams will not qualify.
  • To Finish Bottom — Similarly, you can bet on which teams finish 2nd and 3rd
  • Match Bets within each group — What are the outcomes of each match? Bet on win/draw/lose, and even the number of goals!

World Cup 2018 Group Odds

Before you dive into the numbers, here are a few most popular predictions about the group stage.

  • Group A is considered the easiest group with Uruguay as faves and good betting value for money.
  • Group C is for the risk-taking punters. Would you bet on the young and talented French, or the Danes’ midfielder-maestro, Christian Eriksen, who made his mark during the  qualifying rounds?
  • As pundits call it, Group D is this World Cup’s Group of Death. Messi and the Argentinians had a poor qualifying campaign. They face Iceland, who had a magical run at Euro 2016, Nigeria that recently beat Argentina in a friendly and Croatia who would definitely serve stiff competition.
  • Group E definitely belongs to the Brazilians.
  • Group F’s excitement lies in who will take second place. Mexico or Sweden?
  • Group G sees two heavyweights, Belgium and England, who should most definitely advance.
  • Group H offers a good bet in Poland, which is currently ranked in No. 7 in the FIFA rankings.

Here are the latest odds on the winner of each group as offered by a few of our favourite World Cup 2018 bookmakers. Do note that these odds are constantly changing based on the latest sporting news and will continue to change as the matches play out.

The following are the different 2018 World Cup groups and their respective betting odds, including the highly anticipated teams of the 2018 World Cup Qualifying Groups Europe.

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group A

Group TeamOdds by Bet365Odds by SkybetOdds by Ladbrokes
Group AUruguay10/11110/11
Saudi Arabia402525


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group B

Group BSpain1/21/28/15


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group C

Group CFrance2/71/33/10

2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group D

Group DArgentina8/138/134/7


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group E

Group EBrazil2/72/71/4
Costa Rica181620


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group F

Group FGermany1/32/52/5
Korea Republic161212


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group G

Group GBelgium5/64/54/5


2018 Fifa World Cup Qualification – UEFA Group H

Group HColombia5/411/811/8


Head over to your favourite bookmaker’s site to view their full list of markets and odds. The four-year wait for the World Cup is coming to an end.

You should hurry on and sign-up for an account at your favourite bookmaker, shop for deals (both in terms of free bets and good odds) and place your bets. These opportunities only come once every four years, so better make the most of this long-awaited action!

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