Final match of World Cup 2018 is probably the most awaited sports event in the year. It happens only once in four years and two hundred national teams are trying to get there. But only two of them manage that.

In World Cup 2018, the final match will be between Belgium or France and England or Croatia.

The road to the final is actually longer than you might expect. It takes several years and the actual World Cup is just the final step. Hundreds of qualification matches take place before the event starts.

And when it does start, most of the teams drop off sooner or later anyway. So the teams that play in the final truly deserve to be there, no matter what anyone says.

Let’s take a look at the finals match of World Cup 2018. Who will participate in it and who will win? What are the betting odds and how to bet correctly? All this and more info is available below.

World Cup 2018 Final Match

The final match this year is scheduled on Sunday, 15 July. It will take place in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The football fans around the world have been waiting for this for months and years. So it should be a very exciting match-up.

Sports betting sites are also going crazy over this match. It will finally decide the winner of World Cup 2018. Naturally, it’s one of the most popular gambling markets online. Not only in World Cup but all the sports right now.

Aside from the final, the small final for the 3rd place is awaiting the teams that lost semi-finals. It will play out just the day before the final. Though far less important, it’ll also attract a lot of attention.

World Cup 2018 Final Betting Tips

The teams in the final match and the 3rd place match come the longest way in the tournament. It’s their seventh World Cup match in total. The other six include:

  • Three group matches where all the teams participate
  • Three knockout matches where only the strongest do

The finalists emerge by winning all the three knockout matches, eliminating all their opponents. Bettors and experts who try to predict the final outcome often look to these earlier matches.

They provide essential information on the team’s performance right now. So if you want to guess the winner or bet on the final match, do the same. While at it, ask questions like:

  • How well did the teams play?
  • Who are their best players?
  • Are these players still available? (Not injured or banned)
  • What team formations were used?
  • What were their tactics and why did they pay off?

Knowing this, you can have a better idea on who could win the final. Right now, the odds are in France’s favour. Yet in reality, it is anyone’s game.

Watch World Cup Final Live

Being the most important match of all, World Cup final is a must-see event. Not only will two most powerful football teams meet to play it. The match will be a football celebration you can only witness once in four years. So make sure you watch it live as it plays out in real time.

The final of World Cup 2018 is the last and most important match of the tournament. It’s where we’ll find out who wins the trophy this year. And if you think you already know that, place a bet online!