Saudi Arabia Starting Eleven

While many countries are announcing the fact that they have their 23 players all chosen already, all of them have yet to come forward with their 11 starting players in their first match of the tournament.

Even Saudi Arabia, who are due to play against Russia in the very first match of the season, have not given us any clues as to who will be in their line-up. That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate, however. Based on past performances, we’re going to make an estimate as to who will be among that golden 11.

Here are the initial 23 players:

  • Al-Qarny, Al-Owais, Al-Musailem, Al-Mayuf, Al-Harbi, Al-Shahrani, Al-Breik, Al-Mowalad, Hawsawi, Hawsawi, Hawsawi, Jahfali, Al-Bulaihi, Al-Khaibari, Al-Khaibri, Otayf, Al-Jassim, Al-Mogahwi, Al-Faraj, Al-Abed, Kanno, Bahebri, Al-Kwikbi, Al-Dawsari, Al-Shehri, Al-Muwallad, Al-Sahlawi, Assiri

And here is who we think will be among the Saudi players against Russia:

  • Al-Qarny, Al-Mayuf, Al-Harbi, Al-Shahrani, Al-Mowalad, Hawsawi, Jahfali, Al-Jassim, Al-Mogahwi, Kanno, Bahebri, Assiri

We think Saudi Arabia have little chance of beating Russia, as Russia are just too good for them but that doesn’t mean that Saudi can’t come out on top in some way. We’ll be watching their progress very closely.