Saudi Arabia Squad

As the World Cup is taking place in under a month’s time, that means all the national teams are releasing their preliminary player list of 23 players due to play in Russia. Among them are Saudi Arabia, one of the first teams, in fact, to play in the tournament against Russia themselves.

There are some seriously good players among them, too. Perhaps not as excellent as Russia’s team but they do make for a decent group overall. It’s quite an extensive list too.

Let’s take a look at the men due to be seen on the pitch on 14th June:

  • Goalkeepers: Al-Qarny, Al-Owais, Al-Musailem, Al-Mayuf
  • Defenders:Al-Harbi, Al-Shahrani, Al-Breik, Al-Mowalad, Hawsawi, Hawsawi, Hawsawi, Jahfali, Al-Bulaihi
  • Midfielders:Al-Khaibari, Al-Khaibri, Otayf, Al-Jassim, Al-Mogahwi, Al-Faraj, Al-Abed, Kanno, Bahebri, Al-Kwikbi, Al-Dawsari, Al-Shehri.
  • Forwards: Al-Muwallad, Al-Sahlawi, Assiri

As you can see, there’s a lot of players to get along with. Our money is on Assiri, Al-Mayuf and Hawsawi as making it as some of the best players in the team. We may be wrong but that’s our line-up for the time being. We just hope that the Saudi coach, Antonio Pizzi, has chosen the right people for the job!