Russia Starting Eleven

Russia is in a tough situation from the very beginning of World Cup 2018. Their opponents in the group include strong teams and world-class players in their ranks, while it is doubted if the same could be applied to the Russian team itself.

Therefore, it will be very important to choose the right starting eleven to maximise their chances of advancing from their group. Stanislav Cherchesov undoubtedly wants to do that though, so let’s see what options he has.

Russia Starting Eleven World Cup 2018

Russian starting eleven will be formed from the squad of almost 30 players, some of which will be playing their first World Cup while others could be considered veterans of this tournament already.

Judging from what Cherchesov has to choose from, we believe that the starting eleven of Russia will include most of their best players in the squad, including:

  • Fedor Smolov
  • Igor Akinfeev
  • Alan Dzagoev
  • Aleksei Miranchuk
  • Anton Miranchuk
  • Konstantin Rausch

The defender line of Russia is a problematic matter as it consists of all new players with little experience, which is troubling since the team didn’t have a lot of friendly matches to practice beforehand.

Russia starting eleven will likely include all the most promising players in the team as Cherchesov tries to carry his team into the knockout stage.