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Referee Salary

Written by Martina | 22nd May 2018
Live Betting Expert

With a huge sporting event like the FIFA World Cup 2018, you’ll need plenty of referees and assistants who need to be paid. Thankfully, back in 2017, the Italian press published a whole list of every referee throughout the tournament.

Of course, because it’s such a mega event, FIFA has only selected the best referees on the market to partake in all the matches and so the list is of large significance.

Let’s take a look of the stats of each referee scheduled to take part in the tournament and how much they are likely to be paid after the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Referee Salary

For this football tournament, especially one as big as the FIFA World Cup, being a referee means you get paid quite a huge deal of money. On a baseline, every ref gets a minimum salary of $70,000 (around £51,000) for the whole tournament plus an extra $3,000 (£2,200) per match.

That is a year’s salary in just over a month, plus some bonuses, which we think isn’t at all bad to live on. However, this is in sharp contrast to the Championship League who generally receive 20% more than the referees in the World Cup do.

On the other hand, it’s a bit of an increase from the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament which saw each referee gaining an average of $50,000 from the entire tournament.

Who’s On the List?

So, in an average World Cup match, there is a team of officials on a football pitch. There are two lines to cover. The first man is on the right, and the second is on the left. Then you have the referee himself, probably the person most shouted-at on the field.

Below is a complete list of every referee due to take their position on the pitch in the World Cup:

1Cüneyt CAKIRElite PanelTurkey
2FelixFor  BRYCHElite PanelGermany
3Sergey KARASEVElite PanelRussia
4Bjorn KUIPERSElite PanelNetherlands
5Szymon MARCINIAKElite PanelPoland
6Antonio Miguel MATEU LAHOZElite PanelSpain
7Milorad MAZICElite PanelSerbia
8Gianluca ROCCHIElite PanelItaly
9Damir SKOMINAElite PanelRussia
10Clement TURPINElite PanelFrance
11Julio BASCUÑANElite PanelChile
12Enrique CACERESElite PanelParaguay
13Andres CUNHAElite PanelUruguay
14Sandro RICCIElite PanelBrazil
15Nestor PITANAElite PanelArgentina
16Jair MARRUFOElite PanelUnited States

As you can see, there’s quite the range of nationalities there. Each referee will be paid a basic fee of $70,000 each for taking part in the tournament. However, given that some refs may pull out, they could potentially earn more cash they otherwise would have. Not a bad way rto earn some money, don’t you think?

Could a Referee Earn More?

Potentially, a referee could earn more than what they get at the World Cup. The objective is to take part in as many matches as possible, preferably tournament-based ones.

In the meantime, earning money through the World Cup is substantial though referees need to be part of an elite group to take part. They don’t just bring on amateurs, after all.

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