Penalty Odds

Penalty odds in World Cup 2018 depend on the teams, tournament standings, individual players and many other factors, but with some research, you can predict how it will go down and gamble on small in-game events like the penalty kicks to win real cash.

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Penalty Football Rules Explained

First of all, let’s clear the confusion about penalties. There are two kinds of penalties in football and we’re going to talk about both of them.

First, we’ve got penalty kicks which take place during the game time of a football match. They are given to the team which attacks the opponents and is stopped against the rules in the goalkeeper area.

This penalty kick allows for one player from that team to attempt to score a goal for a second time without the opponents interrupting. Only a goalkeeper stands in the way and such attempts often end in score.

There’s also a penalty shootout, however, which is a series of penalty kicks that take place after the main time of the match ends in a draw, yet a winner still needs to be selected.

This is the case in all knockout matches or second round matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 where one team has to advance and the other has to be eliminated.

Football Penalty Kick Odds

Since there are two types of penalties, there are also several betting markets related to those penalties in the World Cup.

One market might ask the gamblers to bet on the number of penalty kicks executed during the main time of the match. It might include the combined number of this statistic of both teams or count each team’s penalties separately.

On the other hand, other markets, usually with higher odds, allow betting on the outcome of one team winning after a penalty shootout rather than after the main time of the match is over. The latter might have more betting options available too.

World Cup 2018 Penalty Shootout

Additional betting options and new penalty odds are sometimes offered on players to score goals during the penalty shootouts.

On the other hand, there are some sites where you can bet on the team’s goalkeeper to block a certain number of penalty kicks during the shootout.

There are also special gambling bets to consider, which often come in very small odds, but are enjoyed by the fans still. One such bet might include a prediction that a single team will win the tournament by a penalty shootout in the finals.

The options are virtually endless and penalties are among the most frequent and interesting match events that people like predict and guess their ending.

Explore sports betting sites for the many ways to bet on penalties in various World Cup matches and win from the mistakes of world-class football players!