Own Goal Odds

When it comes to the World Cup, it’s such a huge sporting event that it offers up plenty of chances to bet on certain outcomes. The most obvious, of course, is which team will win the entire competition. But there are plenty of avenues you can explore besides that one.

Take, for example, own goals. While this professional competition would hardly expect own goals to occur (it seems such an amateurish move) that makes it all the better to wager on. With the decreased likelihood of occurring, you have higher returns as a result as there is further risk.

So where can you find and bet on these own goals for the World Cup 2018? Read on the find out how.

World Cup 2018 Own Goal Odds

The best place to find World Cup 2018 own goal odds is on most sports betting sites. Ones like William Hill, bet365, Ladbrokes, and Coral all do them. They’re all usually under football and there should be a section specifically made for the World Cup.

Here is where you’ll likely find the odds for almost any outcome to do with the competition. Divided into groups, you can usually take a look at most odds with ease. Own goals are usually labelled “Anytime Own Goals” and normally are presented in a table as per the example below.

Table taken from William Hill:

Group A Yes No
14 Jun Russia v Saudi Arabia 7/1 1/16
15 Jun Egypt v Uruguay 7/1 1/16
19 Jun Russia v Egypt 7/1 1/16
20 Jun Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 6/1 1/12
25 Jun Saudi Arabia v Egypt 7/1 1/16
25 Jun Uruguay v Russia 7/1 1/16


The odds are defined usually as to whether there will be an own goal from either team as opposed to one specific team in a match making the blunder. That way it’s fairer, we suppose.

Why Bet On An Own Goal?

Right now, you’re probably asking: Why would I want to bet on the possibility of an own goal? That seems awfully mean-spirited! And perhaps it is a little. However, football should be fun, especially when you’re gambling on it otherwise it becomes very frustrating very quickly.

We encourage you to take this approach to any match you happen to bet on, no matter what it is. Besides, betting on an own goal isn’t a slight against any particular team. No, we’d say it’s a fair assessment based on both teams’ prowess at the game.

Can I Find Them Anywhere?

Yes, you can find these odds absolutely anywhere on any sports betting sites you care to name. You can also find them at your local bookmakers and one or two of our mates who may want to make a quick buck off the World Cup too.

Just remember that betting on an own goal has more return than there not being one at all. Why? Because the World Cup is full of professionals who are expected not to make own goals. That is all.