Offside Odds

Offside odds betting is one of the lesser known ways to gamble on football and even World Cup 2018. The fact that some fans don’t even know how offside work makes this notorious rule less popular at sports gambling sites.

However, if you do know what an offside is, there’s a lot to gain by betting on the number of offside calls in a match, for example. Besides, since it applies to every match individually, this gives many opportunities for winning.

Offside Rule in World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 rules are more or less the same as the standard professional football rules as they are described by FIFA itself. The offside is no exception and there are no special rules that you should know if you’re already familiar with the offside.

If not, here’s a simple explanation. The offside is a penalty given to the attacking team whenever one player passes the ball to a teammate and that teammate is in front of all opponent players (except the goalkeeper) at the moment the pass is initiated.

It’s not an uncommon foul and it doesn’t end in bookings. All that happens is the attack ends and the ball is given to the goalkeeper of the opposing side. As a result, it’s usual to see one or several off-sides per match.

Offside Betting Odds

The offside betting market isn’t very popular and you may not even find it at many sports betting sites, but it’s always good to know that the option is there. Besides, you should know how to use it if you stumble upon it.

How this betting works is usually very simple. You’ll have to select a number of off-side instances per match, either of one of the teams or both teams combined.

Since there can be an unlimited number of offside calls in a single playoff, the odds tend to be rather low, but high-paying. Of course, this also depends on the playstyle of the teams, players’ experience and other factors.

What you can’t bet on is the players who commit these mistakes because it always takes more than one, and the odds would be incredibly low in this case. This doesn’t mean that such bets are impossible, but they’re very rare at best.

So, to bet on offside in FIFA World Cup 2018, you should take a look at the way the two teams play and how likely they are to commit these fouls.

How to Predict Offside Football Penalties?

To begin with, take a look at the playing style of each team. How aggressive are they? Maybe they play very defensively instead? If one team has a single striker who likes to be very far on the opponent’s side of the field, they tend to run too far and break this rule.

This is especially true if the other team’s defenders see this and move slightly towards the middle on purpose to catch the attacker in the offside.

Take a look at the previous matches of these teams as this helps very much to determine how the teams play and how the individual footballers move on the field.

Offside odds are small, but they bring good winnings if you can determine how likely each team is to make this mistake.